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Mark’s Musings – How to be a long term triathlete?

How to be a long term triathlete? In a World where everything is at our fingertips and we are told we can do things in less time for better results, I wonder if we have lost the ability to focus on the long term game.  There are so many companies promoting products that make things easier, get results quicker […]

Dealing with Pre Race Nerves

Pre Race Nerves – Dealing with them positively  Leading into any major race I encourage athletes to spend time visualising their race day performance.  Not from a time perspective but more on how they want to feel. What do they want to feel like? Feeling strong, being patient, positive and confident in their physical ability. […]

Mark’s Musings – Progress Not Perfection

As human beings we’re all flawed, we all have battles and challenges we need to overcome. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of triathlon can be a quest for perfection both during training and racing. Perfection is impossible to achieve; it should never be a goal.   Leading into a major race, such as Cairns this […]

Mark’s Musings – Answers

Answers I have previously alluded to vomiting problems experienced during long course racing. The issue has been detrimental to my last two IM campaigns at Cairns (2015, 2016), as well as a few 70.3 races.  It has twice cost me a Kona slot so I knew I had to be more proactive ahead of this […]