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Mark’s Musings – Tiredness

When I started writing these articles, blog posts or reflections, I had ambitions of penning and sharing my thoughts on a more regular basis. However, I also want my writing to have some relevance and meaning, not just fill space. It’s about making sure I have something to say that people may be interested to […]

The Importance of a Solid Aerobic Base

The Importance of a Solid Aerobic Base Triathlon is a sport that predominantly uses the bodies aerobic energy system.  Even the shortest of races are still powered by the aerobic energy system so it makes sense to my simple brain that is the system that needs to be developed and appropriately trained. Without having the […]

Volume versus Intensity

In my last article I spoke about polarized training and the importance of going easy on the easy and hard on the hard.  Before I go into the benefits of volume training and the benefits of training with more intensity it is important to discuss what is easy and what is hard.  I believe in […]

Mark’s Musings – The Battle Continues

The Battle Continues AS I write this latest edition of Mark’s musings I’m sitting in an airport in Maui, Hawaii. We are waiting for a flight out to Kona where we’ll spend a week.  So far, we have had five nights at Sunset Beach, North Shore followed by five nights in Maui. Other than a […]

Mark’s Musings – Where Did We Lose It?

Where Did We Lose It? Having had our little boy Finn recently, I can’t help but be reminded of how simple life is for babies and small children.  Eat, sleep, have someone to love you and there’s your recipe for happiness.  Everything is simple, we’re not scarred by life’s challenges and we have a go […]

The Effects of Emotional Stress

With just over five weeks to go until race day in Cairns I am certainly feeling the effects of some of the hardest training I have done in my life. At the age of 45 I am hoping I haven’t gone too hard but so far so good. Although after putting in a huge week last […]