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New Year Resolutions – Do They Mean Anything?

New Year Resolutions – Do They Mean Anything? In general, the average human being waits until December, when there’s a chance to mentally recover from another year of work and play, before saying to themselves, ‘next year is my year’. We often aim to write off mistakes of the past and set plans to do […]

How to Use the Squad Training Program

HOW TO USE A SQUAD PROGRAM Tri Nation has developed a training menu for members to select which squad sessions they’d like to attend. In peak season, we run up to 12 sessions each week across the beginner, main squad and long distance programs. The sessions are mostly grouped by ability which allows athletes to […]

Keep it Simple Stupid

Keep it Simple Stupid  (KISS) When I started running as a 19-year-old (only a few short years ago 🙂 ), I was fortunate enough to train with some very talented state and national representatives. The majority were ‘old school’ athletes who didn’t have the option to use the likes of GPS, power meters, heart rate […]

The Benefits of Strength Training for Triathlon

The Benefits of Strength Training Triathlon is a strength endurance based sport.  To perform at your best you need to develop specific strength to ensure your body can perform the same movement repeatedly.  Remember it is those that slow down the least that win the race.  No one speeds up towards the end of a […]

Reflections on Cairns Ironman

Reflections on Cairns Ironman Training conversations involving triathletes, especially those focusing on long course events, can obsessively dwell on weekly training volume. I have not escaped such chat in the past as I’ve tried to squeeze in too much for my body and lifestyle to handle. When I push the training limits I am prone […]

40 plus training for triathlon

Staying Fast After 40 When I started multisport racing in 1990, at the ripe old age of 19, I thought anyone over the age of 40 was positively ancient but these days some of the world’s leading professional athletes fall into this “mature” age bracket. Improved science on training, recovery and equipment, accompanied with belief, […]

Coaches Corner – Team Work

If you look at triathlon and multisport events from the outside you would consider it to be an individual sport.  There are no team mates to pass the baton on, no one encouraging you to push a little harder and certainly no one to take a tackle for you. I would argue however that triathlon […]

Power Meters for Cycling

Training and Racing with a Power Meter Power = the amount of energy being applied to the pedals. A function of torque (pressure on the pedals) and cadence. Provides immediate feedback on cycling effort. Does not have the lag effect that heart rate does. Is not affected by wind, gradient, temperature, fatigue, hydration etc that […]