Be Grateful

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Hugh van Cuylenburg speak. He is the founding director and presenter of The Resilience Project. His presentation had a profound effect on me. I have always tried to take pleasure in the simple things life offers and be grateful for what I have. Hugh’s presentation reinforced this and I feel I must pay it forward. 

He had such a simple way of getting a powerful message across and since I have started practicing what he preached, I have certainly felt the difference. Normally, under the strain of my current load, I would have fallen in a great heap and not coped as well as I have.  

First and foremost, I am a husband and father. Combining my professional responsibilities as Tri Nation Triathlon head coach and AFL state umpiring manager, as well as Ironman training, means spare time is non-existent. However, I truly love everything I do. Family, work and training are all things I love but sometimes they do become hard to manage. After applying the message from Hugh and The Resilience Project, my energy levels and ability to cope with a very demanding schedule have undoubtedly improved. 

As triathletes, we tend to continually push ourselves physically and lose sight of the psychological element of our sport. But being grateful for the opportunity to swim, cycle and run completely changes the way we perform in training and racing. Instead of saying to ourselves, I’m tired, this hurts, and I’d rather be in bed; we should be thinking of how lucky we are to feel our lungs burn during a sunrise speed session along the Brisbane River. I guarantee it will instantly change the way you perform. 

We train our bodies but we also need to train our minds to prepare for race day. Being grateful is a very simple and effective way of doing this. When I speak about mental training and spending time doing it, people look at me like I’m an alien. They then wonder why race day didn’t go to plan. Ignore your mind at your own peril. I have attached a power point presentation from Hugh for further reading. Spend a few minutes taking a look at it and I promise you that you won’t regret it.