Custom Bike Fit

Custom Bike Fit

mike bakerHi, my name is Michael and this is a picture of me doing what I love – riding my bike. I’ve been riding for well over 40 years but it wasn’t until I embarked upon my 2nd Ironman campaign back in 2004 that I first considered getting a professional bike fit. I’m glad that I did because it helped me shave 1hr 10mins off my overall time, from 11hrs 24mins down to 10hrs 14mins. Clearly the bike fit wasn’t responsible for all of these time savings, but it certainly had a positive impact both on my comfort on the bike and my ability to run off. If I wasn’t hooked on triathlon previously I certainly was now.

In 2010 I went through what some would call a mid-life crisis. I quit my comfortable, well paid corporate job and moved from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast where I built a business out of my love for cycling and triathlon – that’s how Custom Bike Fit was formed. Since its inception I’ve performed over 1,000 fits, the majority being with age group triathletes.

A bike fit is a collaborative process and, in my opinion, the best tool available to a fitter is empathy. I’ve been racing triathlons for over 20 years, and still compete in events from Olympic through to the Ironman distance. I know what it’s like to ride with knee pain, back pain, shoulder and neck pain, numb feet and saddle sores. I know what causes these issues and I know how to alleviate them through the fit process.

The most common feedback I get from my clients post fit is that they are more comfortable on the bike, and that they run better off it. Comfort goes a long way to improving a triathletes performance as do aerodynamics and the ability to produce power. I have the experience and tools to measure, optimize and make recommendations around all of these aspects.

As a member of Tri Nation you are now entitled to a 10% discount on my fitting services. I have a fully equipped studio on the Sunshine Coast and will be making quarterly scheduled trips to the Healthstream Fitness Centre. I’d be happy to work with you from either location.

My primary service offerings are:

  • 3D motion capture Custom Bike Fit – $295 (less 10%)

o   Includes fit, analysis of aerodynamics, power/efficiency, equipment optimization/recommendations, electronically measured bike geometry

  • Video Analysis Custom Bike Fit – $195 (less 10%)

o   Includes fit and equipment optimization/recommendations

  • Bike Fit Optimization – $95 (less 10%)

o   This service is limited to athletes I have fitted previously who require a ‘tweak’ – your flexibility has changed, your goals have changed, you have travelled with your bike and/or had it serviced and it no longer feels the same

For further information about Custom Bike Fit please visit my website, send me an email or give me a call.



Studio: 07 5479 3091

Mobile: 0400 510 515