Training Plus One – Does 20 Minutes Count as a Training Session?

Does 20 minutes count as a training session?

Okay it was actually 17 minutes. Half an hour ago I would have sworn that Finn was in the deepest of sleeps and going to stay there for a good couple of hours. So after cancelling our swimming lesson I started my set on the computrainer and as soon as the warm-up is finished he’s awake! Wouldn’t be so bad except the same thing happened on Tuesday. 🙂

It’s days like these where I question my sanity in attempting to try to fit training into my day let along complete an Ironman again. I now know why there aren’t many stories out there about women completing endurance events after having a baby. It’s because it’s bloody hard to manage a level of consistency through the week without being able to accurately predict how long naptime is going to go for.

Since starting back training it has been trial and error with finding what works and what doesn’t. I have always used a weekly program but too many variables are thrown in each week to make this work. It is also taking me a while to adapt to a day to day training plan as I like to know what is coming up in the week and when my rest days are to look forward to. However, life no longer has any predictability when it comes to when and how long I can train.

BUT it’s not all bad. As I’ve regained some fitness and strength my hip and leg pain has gone, I can fit back in to my clothes and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Not to mention the squad sessions I have been able to get along to allowing me to get a big motivational boost of endorphins from training with the great people around me.

So my message today to mums getting back into training is it’s hard but totally worth it. Don’t be fooled by social media posts they only show the sessions that people do complete. They don’t show the 17 minute sessions or the ones where you don’t even get out the door. Your goal doesn’t have to be an Ironman or even a triathlon but the side effects of training with your health (physical and mental) are worth putting up with the bad days in order to have the good ones.