February Newsletter


The training schedule changes we announced on facebook last week come into effect next week. These changes are as follows:

Healthstream QUT–          Windtrainer session is now a Wednesday morning with Mark

–          A new beginner swim on a Wednesday morning with Jan

–          Group ride focusing on skills and aerobic conditioning on a Friday morning with Brad and Alberto

We felt that the risk of crash was increasing too much to continue a hard interval bike session on a Wednesday morning in the CBD area. The amount of traffic and other cyclists is increasing all the time in the CBD area.  Finding safe locations to do hard bike intervals is becoming more difficult.

A wind trainer session allows the same conditioning effect if not better than a road session. By having the new ladies only ride on a Monday morning and the group ride on Friday, members will still be able to work on the skills side of cycling but in a safer environment with less risk of a crash where speed is not the focus.

For swim sessions now that we have separate times for beginner and intermediate/advanced swimmers, please try and swim in the appropriate session for your ability. As a general rule you need to be able comfortably hold a 2 min cycle for 100 repeats to swim in the intermediate/advanced session. The Friday morning swim with Ray is the all abilities swim for the week.

On a Saturday morning through to IM Cairns in June there will be a long course ride most weekends. These are non-coached sessions that anyone is welcome to attend. The rides vary between 3-5hrs and members need to be self-sufficient in terms of changing a tyre, hydration/nutrition and knowing the proposed route that will be posted on FB in the week prior to the ride.

Where appropriate on the racing calendar we will also include a monthly brick session which will be held in a mix of locations including QUT and Redcliffe.

Due to many members racing Kingscliffe and the Noosa club half this weekend there is no ride scheduled for this weekend.


Our next monthly breakfast will be on February 28th in conjunction with a swim, bike and run session at Suttons Beach Redcliffe. For the IM Melbourne athletes this is their last key race specific session. For those athletes competing over short course and half distance events this session will be modified to accommodate the different racing needs.


We are right in the peak racing season at the moment with a race most weekends involving Tri Nation members. This weekend is the Kingscliff Tri and the Noosa club half. In 2 weeks is the next QTS race at Raby Bay while in March we have Mooloolaba, IM Melbourne and the Tweed Enduro.

In April is Luke Harrop, the last QTS at Raby Bay and then in May we have Byron Bay, Port Macquarie IM and Ultraman Australia and finally finishing the season at Cairns for the 70.3 and IM events on June 14.

Everyone has been working hard for a few months now and racing is all about testing our limits physically and mentally.  Training is great but nothing beats a race.


Our charity partner Smiling for Smiddy do a fantastic job raising much needed funds for cancer research. Over the last couple of years we have had many of our squad members participate in various Smile for Smiddy events. This year is no different with Tri Nation members registered to participate in the different events Smiddy organise.

All of their events are listed on their website at www.smiddy.org.au Also remember that fundraising is not the only way you can help. Jobs such as road crew at their events and training rides is also another really useful way to contribute.

Over the coming months we will be holding some events and functions to contribute towards this.   We would love to see as many of our members be part of these events as it is not only a great way to raise funds but it also builds moral within the squad.

Smiddy ambassadorAlso this week Smiddy presented a group of people their inaugural Smiddy Ambassador awards. These ambassador awards were presented in recognition of the contribution these people have made towards the Smiddy program. Head coach Mark Turner and ladies cycling coach extrordinaire, Claire Schneider were extremely thrilled to be bestowed with these ambassador awards.