Personalised Triathlon Training Programs

Mark Turner coachingAt Tri Nation we offer personalised triathlon training programs for our members looking for that extra hand with planning their training and racing.  Personalised programs take the guess work out of training for the athlete.  The coach sets the program which are either including squad sessions or online and each program is based on the individual and specific requirements of the athlete. The programs will take into account family, work, age, training history, race goals and injuries.

The triathlon training programs are delivered through Training Peaks software and are delivered weekly or fortnightly depending on the needs of the athlete. We encourage regular communication between the athlete and the coach in order to acheive the best results.

We have used this system for many athletes within our program and achieved some fantastic results.


Mark has strong credentials coaching IRONMAN athletes and from the first goal setting session it was clear he focuses on understanding the athlete and individualising the training program to get the best results. It was a smart program with structured, specific sessions across all three disciplines, backed by regular one-to-one feedback and guidance.

Racing IRONMAN WA I set PBs across all three disciplines and finally executed a strong marathon to achieve a 34 minute IM personal best of 9hr 32min. I’m disappointed in myself for taking so long to link with a quality coach but it goes to show if you want to get the best from yourself you have to invest in the right coach. Mark is that coach for me and I fully recommend him to anyone wanting to get the best from themselves as an IRONMAN athlete.

Rowan FosterIronman Western Australia