Tweed Coast Enduro Race Report

Tweed Enduro 70.3 Race Report – Christy Collis
Sat 25 Feb 2017


Christy Ironman NZ

Christy Collis

This race was part of my Cairns campaign. Over the months before Tweed I have done a number of QTS sprint races, and surprised myself by placing well in all but one of them (that one was the world champs qualifier). The QTS races were good race practice, but they also began to shift my mindset. In the WT session before Tweed, Mark also pushed this mindset shift. He said he wanted me to stop thinking like a participant and to start thinking like a racer. He said I am now an athlete, and I’m ready to race. He said I should aim to podium at Tweed. This felt scary for a few reasons. First, I don’t really know what it means to think like a racer. I’ve found a comfortable identity and approach as a participant, out there just to see how long I can go, someone who is interested in distance rather than speed, someone who is out there to experience being myself rather than to beat others. It occurred to me that these are safe stories I tell myself in order to avoid having to feel uncomfortable and having to face failure. Second, I fear that I’m not built for speed and power, so if I race I might be setting myself up to fail. And I’m getting older: it’ll be four years until I’m the young one in my next age group. Basically: fear. Fear of having to be uncomfortable. Fear of failure. Fear of committing to fix so much energy and focus to something that my body and my age might prevent me from achieving. With these thoughts and fears kicking around in my mind, I headed in to Tweed. To try to be a racer.

My big question: how do I try to podium? What do people do? My main practical answers were pretty simple: not to use my HRM, and to push the swim and bike. To stay in a hard gear on the bike, and to maintain a low, grinding cadence. To maintain a full pedal stroke. To try to keep tension out of my shoulders and to focus the effort in my core and legs. Not to drop any swim strokes (I sometimes drop a stroke when I’m fatigued); to stay very hydrodynamic through my right lower leg. No real plans for the run. Same nutrition and gear as usual.

A final piece of context from outside of triathlon is that I’m having a difficult time at work at the moment. I haven’t experienced feelings at work for well over a decade: I stay calm, confident, and emotionally detached. But recent events at work have forced me to have feelings, and these feelings have been negative. I made a note to myself before racing to try to compartmentalise this and to keep it out of my race. In particular, I reminded myself that when I get passed, I must not let the current negative feelings from work come in and make me lose my drive. I mostly achieved this.

Swim: 37.02

A good swim for me, with a twist. I pushed out in the lead, as usual, to get out of the pack from the start. I was leading right next to one other swimmer; we went out and around the two buoys together. After we rounded the second buoy and headed into the open water, I noticed without really thinking about it that the other swimmer was still swimming very close to me, right on my shoulder. It was a bit distracting because she kept elbowing me and getting in the way of my stroke. It was also odd because we were out on our own ahead of the pack: there was ample space around us. Nonetheless, as soon as I felt the tide I was happy: advantage for me. I’m not a particularly strong swimmer, but I am efficient with my body positioning in the water. I knew I just had to stay nice and clean in my body position and I’d move along well. Less efficient, stronger swimmers would be at a disadvantage. I swam at a comfortably strong pace. I barely sighted at all because I could follow the tide ripples in the sand below to keep me on course: nice. But the other swimmer kept getting right into my space. So I swam away from her a bit. She followed me and kept getting into my stroke. I stayed detached and focussed on my swim. Then she suddenly pushed me right under water and swam over the top of me. She then proceeded to swim right on my other shoulder. It was then that I realised that she wasn’t just accidentally swimming too close to me: she was trying to interfere with my swim. I veered off course to get well away from her; she followed. I finally thought, “if you want to keep this up, you’re going to have to catch me,” and I put on some speed and began to leave her behind. She kept grabbing at my feet, and then pulled me backwards by my ankle. Far out! I kept my stronger pace up and ditched her. The best revenge. I just stayed focussed on swimming. Other than the interference, this was a good swim. I was steady, strong, and efficient. No fatigue: I left the water feeling warmed up and fresh. First out of the water (and, as I saw later, second female swimmer in the race).


I made more of an effort than usual to run quickly to my bike. Still toe socks though.

Bike: 2:59

Also a good bike ride for me, mostly. My focus was on staying in a hard gear and using my whole pedal stroke. Every time I felt the cadence getting higher or my power getting lower, I went up a gear. My average cadence was 67, which shows that I achieved my low-cadence plan. I felt strong throughout the ride. I began to feel like my infinit wasn’t sitting well after a while: don’t know if this was the heat or that I was pushing harder than usual on the bike. What was great about this ride for me is that I found I can push steadily hard for 90kms. My splits show that I maintained pretty much the same pace throughout. The bummer of the ride was that on the return leg of lap 2, I got a 5-min penalty. I was passing a guy and he pulled out in front of me to pass someone in front of him. The TO rode by just then and gave me a blue card. Unfortunate, but fair enough. For the rest of my passes on the ride (I pass people now!) I was a textbook passer, putting into practice what I’ve learned in squad WT sessions about surges of speed, and also looking to make sure that the person I was passing wasn’t about to pass someone else. Because I knew I had the penalty coming, I rode harder than I might have otherwise. My plan was to try to make up some of the time I’d lose. Two women from my a/g passed me on the ride, so I knew I was still holding a good position. Four laps of a hot, rough-surfaced road weren’t exciting, but I was happy with my ride. I did the 3rd fastest ride time in my a/g.


I used my 5 mins in the penalty box to drink a heap of water and rest a little after my ride. I threw up once, likely from being too hot, and from sculling all that water. One woman from my a/g passed me while I was in there.

Run: 2:11.37

Felt dreadful for the first 10kms: way too hot, and also spewy. I had to find a slow pace just under spew and overheating thresholds. I stopped thinking like a racer and reverted to just being a survivor. I walked 15 seconds through every aid station, which seemed like too many breaks. I made sure to get water and ice in each time. At 10kms, I had a caffeine gel. I don’t have caffeine in my day-to-day life, so it’s a powerful chemical when I do use it. It was awesome. I suddenly perked up, and so did my pace. I still wasn’t doing anything flash, run-wise, but I was feeling better and stronger. I negative split the run, and passed a bunch of people—including one from my a/g—on the final return leg. I need to get my average run pace up, and maybe to stop less at aid stations (weather permitting). Calf felt fine because I was going pretty slowly. 7th in a/g for the run. Partially my poor run was due to heat; partially it may have been due to my not having a race plan for this leg of the race.

I came 5th in a/g; would have been 3rd without the time penalty. For the first two legs of the race, I did think and feel like a racer, and I liked it. Or at least I found out that I can do it. Fun fact: the woman who hassled me in the swim ended up DSQed for skipping a lap of the bike course (Stephen had also noticed her cutting corners on the run). Justice.

Total time: 5:48.39

beginner triathlon 2015

October Training Update

Beginner Courses

beginner triathlonOur first beginner course of 2015 recently finished their 6 week program at the Raby Bay QTS event on October 11th.  We had 10 lovely ladies complete the course and really bond together to form some strong friendships and overcome some new challenges.

They have already started coming to some of the squad sessions and we look forward to working with them into the future for more challenges.

Welcome to the squad Stella Foley, Sarah Flanagan, Aymee Hogbin, Cassie Matcham, Ornaith Hanna, Brittany Gardiner, Anna Carrick, Caren Biddulph, Peta Peterson and Rebecca Ward.

Our latest beginner program started this week with another 8 keen and excited participants. This time we have 7 ladies and one lucky guy, Brad who will have the pleasure of working with the girls for the next 6 weeks.

Noosa Triathlon

The biggest event on the Australian triathlon calendar is undoubtedly Noosa.  The location, the events on offer and then the party make it a must do each year for thousands of people.  The Tri Nation team will be there as usual getting amongst it.

As per other years we will have the Saturday morning ride and breakfast/coffee after. The ride is at 6.30am from the Tri Nation tent on Noosa Parade. It will be an easy 45 min spin to turn the legs over and then enjoy the company of good friends with breakfast and coffee afterwards. We will be heading to Café Le Monde for a 7.30am start.

The ride will be an easy ride and all abilities are welcome. There will be 2-3 groups depending on numbers. There will be a group with Suz for those members that are newer to cycling.

On Sunday afternoon from 3pm at the Reef Hotel we’ll be getting together for some post-race drinks. We’ll be giving away some Mizuno shoes and Shoes Feet Gear vouchers via a lucky door prize so it would be great to see everyone there including family and friends.

Engagement and babies

Congratulationss to Michael Zink and Alana Taylor on their recent engagement. Michael and Alana are another couple who met through the squad. We get as much joy out of people meeting and forming life long friendships and becoming partners as we do with people completing their first race.

Also a big congrats to Vina Hess and Jess O’ Sullivan who both gave birth to their first child recently. Vina had a little girl Scarlett while Jess had a little boy Hamish. Hamish is also grandson to Jan Avery-Spoor. Vina and Jess have both been long time supporters of the squad and we wish them all the best.

 2016 Training camp, Noosa

Our first training camp for 2016 will be in Noosa from Saturday January 23rd to Tuesday January 26th. We will be staying at the Sun Lagoon resort on Quamby Place, Noosa. It is located on the Noosa River and only 1km from Hastings Street.

The camp will cater for those people focusing on long course events and also for those targeting events like the Mooloolaba Tri.  All abilities are welcome and encouraged to attend.

These training camps are a great for getting in some quality training in the best training location in Queensland but also for getting to know many of the other squad members. We can guarantee quality training, great food and lots of laughs.

Full details are at

Long Course Program

Our Long Course program from 2015/16 has commenced.  There will be programmed rides and runs on the weekends through the season now to help prepare athletes training for the different long course events on offer.

We had athletes compete at the recent Port Macquarie 70.3 and then in 3 weeks Hervey Bay 100 plus athletes competing at IM Western Australia, Ballarat 70.3, Hell of the West, Geelong 70.3, IM New Zealand, IM Australia and Cairns 70.3 and IM Cairns.

Additionally at sessions during the week such as Tuesday morning run and Wednesday morning WT/treadmill we will have different sets for the long course athletes

New Sponsors

We would like to announce three new sponsors to Tri Nation.  As part of our commitment to trying to provide a team of experts for our members all of these new sponsors are there to benefit our members and improve your race performances.

Gerrard Gosens Sports and Remedial massage.

Gerrard is now operating a massage service out of Healthstream at Gardens Point.  Along with being a duel para Olympian Gerrard is an accomplished athlete, public speaker and successful businessman.

He understands athletes and what they go through.  Tri Nation members will receive a discounted rate of $75 per massage. Bookings can be made by calling Gerrard on 0407 144 211.

Each month we’ll be giving away a free massage to a Tri Nation member as a prize.

In the near future you’ll also be able to book online through the Healthstream website.

Gerrard will be joining the Tri Nation team on the upcoming 500km Road relay and acting as team masseuse.

Custom Bike Fit

Many of our members already know Michael Baker from Custom Bike Fit. Michael provides bike fitting from his studio in Maroochydore.

As part of his commitment to Tri Nation Michael will now be travelling to Brisbane on a regular basis to offer bike fitting with 10% off to our members at Healthstream. The first of those will be on Saturday December 5th.

Michael’s website is

Alderley Chiropractic

Matt from Alderley Chiropractic has also come on board to support Tri Nation members. Some of our members are already seeing Matt and getting great results including the coaching team.

Matt specialises in treating athletes and being an athlete himself he understands the demands on your body.

The first treatment is free and then afterwards is $45 per session for Tri Nation members. Bookings can be made on line by visiting the website at

 Tri Nation Christmas Party

christmas beachSave the date, the time to party is here. Sunday December 13th at the Charming Squire is the date for the Tri Nation Christmas Party.

The $2,000 won as part of the Club Championship will be used to put towards the expenses. Tickets are $15 per person and partners are invited.  We will start collecting the money for the tickets from the end of November.

Canapes and a bar tab are included as part of the price. It will be a great way to finish the year so please join us to celebrate.

tri nation noosa triathlon 2014

Noosa Triathlon

Noosa Triathlon Tri Nation Squad Report

The official Noosa Triathlon weekend kicked off on Thursday evening with the opening night at the RACV Noosa Resort. Tri Nation coaches Mark Turner and Tim Franklin were the guests of Smiling for Smiddy and made the most of the opportunity of chatting with pro athletes including Jan Frodeno and celebrity guests including Zoe from The Bachelor 😉

Tri Nation noosaThe big announcement of the night was the change of course slatted for 2015 with the swim to be held in the ocean in front of the surf club. The swim course change has certainly been welcomed throughout the squad. We hear some old hands who have been missing from Noosa for a few years have even been inspired to come back and have a go on what is surely going to add some fantastic scenary to the course.

The official Tri Nation program kicked off at 6:00am on Saturday with a squad ride from the tent. The Tri Nation cycling kit was sported by a number of athletes and feedback was that they were not only comfortable but looked fantastic! The squad breakfast at Cafe Le Monde finished off the ride and we’ll certainly head back there next year for what was a relaxed and easy option.

To ensure we all didn’t get too relaxed before the big race drama hit on Saturday afternoon with the strong winds causing one of the tent legs to snap. Huge thanks to our dedicated squad members Jeremy Bridges, Michael Curtis, Rebecca Saunders, Derrin Cason and Angelique Brearley for their awesome job at emergency tent repairs plus Shane Bamkin for helping us get the tent up in the first place. It would have been a tough day in the sun on Sunday without you guys!

Tri Nation noosa swimWith the dramas all sorted and the tent still standing on race day we were finally ready to watch everyone race the triathlon. For the first time the team at Smiddy had their own wave start and the blue suits looked very impressive leading most age groupers around the course. Congratulations to our athletes who fundraised and raced for Smiddy: Andrew Hancox, Brian Brady, Hannah Bryne and Tessa McEvoy.

While it was a steamy day in Noosa all our first time Olympic distance athletes had a great time and some impressive results for their first time out. Our first time athletes were Andrew Hancox, David Hills, Gordon Price, Kevin Panahon, Michael Curtis, Pamela Ring and Rebecca Saunders. For many of these guys the swim leg has been the most daunting aspect and Gordon, Pamela and Rebecca in particular have come a long way. All three have been consistently turning up to the swim sessions week in and week out and their efforts at getting in well under 40 minutes are to be comended.

Tri Nation noosa triAt the pointy end of the field we had the girls smoking their way around the course. Gabby Kukla produced a 2:22 to win the 20-24 age catorgory while Hannah Hogan was in a crazy fast 30-34 age group with her 2:17 bringing her home in 5th place. Gold Coast coach Angelique Brearley keeps getting faster each time with a 2:22 earning her 5th place in the competitive 25-29 age group.

Full race results will be up on the website shortly. However we also have to mention some big PBs that were achieved over the weekend. As highlighted at the after party Brian Brady’s hard training paid off with a 47 minute PB and a time of 2:41. Both Hannah Byrne and Brett Allen also came in with over 20 minute PBs and times of 2:36 and 2:54 respectively.

All up is was a great weekend in Noosa and finished off in style with the Hawaii themed after party. Thanks to Jeremy and Sam for their hard work with the decorations and Scody for their input and prizes on the night.

Tri Nation noosa swim

Callan Lloyd Ironman

Tri Nation Training – Mental Strength


The context to this article is that Noosa is days away, HB100 is a little over a week away, and Head Coach Mark “the Godfather” Turner has asked me to put pen to paper on how to improve mental strength for these races. After a few brief minutes of contemplation, I’ve decided against it.

My reasoning is this, you can’t develop mental strength from the article you’ve crammed in days before a race; there are no corners to cut; no technology that will instil it; and unlike the 6:32am “Noosa premium wave start”, there is no extra fee you can pay to guarantee you will have it. In what I consider to be perhaps the most beautiful aspect of our sport, not even the lightest, most expensive, advanced wetsuit/bike/running shoe will compensate for a lack of it – if it isn’t there you are exposed, it is a matter of time before things come undone.

Mental strength is a wall you started building before the 12/16/20 week campaign started. Every time you made the right decision, pushed that extra 1% during hard training, held back during easy training, stretched properly before going to bed, reached for the water over soft drink, salad over a burger and recovered appropriately, you added a brick to the wall.

surround yourselfThrough your training and particularly just before a race, you need to surround yourself with those on the same wavelength as you. Try to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere and ensure you remain calm and off your feet leading in to the race. If you are approaching your key race for the season be prepared to leave your comfort zone, because in racing, just like in life, our most memorable performances don’t come when we are in safe waters. They come from responding well when we are under fire, when the bombs are dropping all around us. In all races nothing goes 100% to plan. Victories rarely come from a perfectly implement plant; it is about re-action to the circumstances as they develop in real time. This is your time to shine – I hope you’ve built your wall.

comfort zoneFor the rest of us who may not be approaching the coming race in the finest of form. There is a lot to be gained from this too. You cannot maintain 100% fitness all the time, you will burn out. Enjoy the weekend for what it is – a celebration of our health, our (reasonable level of) fitness and friendships in one of the most beautiful places in the world. For me there is also something very relaxing about approaching a race without the burden of great expectations. It allows for a level of relaxation that you don’t experience when you throw the tri-suit on in anger. Enjoy yourself and allow the seed of motivation to be planted that will become a forest of preparation before your #1 race, whenever that might be.

For those who might be approaching their first Noosa or long distance triathlon this may well be one of the greatest weekends of your life. If you are anything like me you won’t be the same after it. Enjoy every second.

Before my first Noosa Tri I had a brainwave that by slightly opening my gels and taping them to my bike I’d ensure I’d be able to quickly access them during the ride. Given that I didn’t run the idea by anyone, of course, the result was the world’s stickiest Giant TCR Advanced. I raise this to demonstrate two points:

  1. The number one rule of racing is don’t try anything new on race day – stick to what you know; and
  2. As a squad we have an infinite wealth of knowledge and experience. If you are somewhat new to the squad and are unsure of anything, please don’t hesitate to ask someone that’s been doing it longer than you, (to their detriment) triathletes love telling others their opinion on how to do something – just ask.

My final point and take home message from this article is this, whatever you take away from the upcoming race do not let that be the end of the story. If things go well or if things go bad, if this is a race you have been preparing for all year or a last minute decision to strut your stuff, it is a starting point on which you can build the next chapter. Shortly after the post-race party you should start looking forward and chasing the next challenge and building a new wall. For everyone this should involve talking to your coach about the next event and putting a plan together in preparation for that race.

triathlon dreamsFor the long course guys and girls HOTW, Melbourne IM, Cairns IM and Cairns 70.3 will be here before we know it. I think that the next few weeks will be very important for those that want to get the most out of themselves in these races. My aim as one of the Long Course coaches is to provide a fun few months of training for the remainder of the year where we will start implementing good habits that will lead to an abundance of mental strength come race day. From the new year onwards the heat will be on to create a new and better you.

Tim Osborne, the Godfather and I have been putting plans together for some great sessions in the next few months along with a separate suggested Long Course program that athletes can chose to base their own programs around and obtain quick feedback and answers specific to the demands of long course training. If you are contemplating a long course race in 2015 I encourage you to speak to one or all of us over the coming weekend.

Good luck to all, and enjoy your race. I’ll close with some of the best advice I have ever received and something that will pay dividends if this warm weather keeps up on race day:

In the first half of the race don’t be an idiot;
In the second half don’t be a sook

Noosa Tri Run

October Newsletter

Noosa Triathlon

The big daddy of triathlons is on again, Noosa Tri.  As always we’re making a weekend of it by having a breakfast on the Saturday morning at Cafe Le Monde on Hastings Street and then the after party at Laguna Jacks. The breakfast at Cafe Le Monde will be a limited menu with payment per table so please bring cash along to make the bill a stress free process.

The team from Scody are joining us this year at the after party and some of their sponsored athletes in Brad Kahletfeld, Sam Betten, John Polson and Felicity Sheedy-Ryan will be joining us at the after party.

This year we will be covering the cost of the party for all Tri Nation annual members. Friends and family are also welcome along and you can buy tickets for them online.  Tickets are $20 for non-members and the price includes canapes throughout the evening and exclusive access to the venue. We will be distributing wristbands at the breakfast on Saturday and on race morning to those that have rsvp’d and bought tickets. Member rsvp’s can be done through the Facebook page.

Stay tuned to the Tri Nation group facebook page for updates about training and other activities surrounding the triathlon.

Scody Coffee Ride

This Wednesday the 29th of October the squad ride is from the Scody HQ on Montague Rd, West End. It will be a river loop ride followed by coffee at Plenty courtesy of the team from Scody.  With our new uniforms arriving in time for Noosa it will be great to wear the new kit.

We are looking at offering another order in the coming weeks also.  Stay tuned for further details.

Long Course Program

The week after Noosa represents 20 weeks from IM Melbourne which is the first of our major squad long course races for 2015.  This will also mean that there will be tailored sessions offered for the IM athletes at specific squad sessions.

These sessions will be Tuesday morning run, Wednesday morning cycling and Friday morning windtrainer.  The Thursday night swim is also a specific strength set of 90 min mainly focusing on longer reps however it will also benefit short course athletes.

We are looking at offering a training camp from the RACV resort, Noosa over the Australia day long weekend in January.  This camp will be a great build up for IM Melbourne athletes but will also benefit short course athletes aiming for Mooloolaba and other short course events and also kick the campaign for Cairns athletes.


Over the last few weeks the focus has been on higher intensity intervals at squad sessions to help members peak at the right time for Noosa and Hervey Bay.

One of the major objectives of any training program is to improve the bodies ability to use fat as an energy source.  Carbohydrate is also an energy source but it is limited, however with fat and the right fueling and training we can teach the body to better use fat as an energy source thereby getting an improved result.

This is done by the food we eat and type of training we do.  By using polarised training techniques where we go easy on our easy sessions and hard on our hard we are improving the bodies ability to use fat as an energy source.

In fact the latest studies have shown us at high intensity intervals are actually better at improving fat burning capabilities that the traditional easy aerobic training.  After Noosa and HB 100 the intensity level will drop back down for a few weeks to recover before we build into the key races in the new year.

With such a long season it is also important to factor into training easier periods where you can recover mentally and physically.

Training Timetable Changes

Please note due to Noosa Triathlon and the G20 Summit the following sessions will not be held:

  • Friday 31st October – Brisbane windtrainer
  • Friday 31st October – Gold Coast swim
    Please note the Brisbane swim session will still be on.
  • Friday 14th November – Brisbane windtrainer and swim sessions.

Tri Nation August Newsletter

Training Plan

For the month of August the main focus at squad sessions has been on developing strength.  This is part of the plan so that November is the time when most people are hitting their peak fitness.  By starting with some strength work it lays a great platform for building into some longer speed endurance sessions into September and then some higher intensity intervals in October.

triathlon training

Weight Training

August has also been a time to try different things in training.  Such as the Friday morning windtrainer session in the group exercise room at Healthstream at QUT.  We have been using the weights whilst on the bike during the session to help with improving core stability and positioning on the bike.  Plus it exposes the body to different stimuli and our bodies adapt very well when you place different stimulus on them.

If you throw in some races between now and November also it means you’re hitting that peak fitness at the right time. And with the season so long now it often means that you’re breaking it up into 2 maybe even 3 parts with the focus being on performing at your best for 2 or 3 races over 9-10 months.

After November it is a good time to have a short break to freshen up before getting ready for another event in the New Year.  These short 1-2 week breaks through what is now a long season are essential if you want to remain healthy and continue to improve year on year.  The body and the mind need some down time to recover and stay fresh. Then at the end of the season it is a good idea to have a longer 3-4 week break.

Remember though the key to improvement is consistency and as mentioned above proper recovery.  The best way to achieve consistency is a good routine that you can repeat every week.  Motivation is a behaviour that runs out but routine does not so find a routine that is sustainable around family, work and training and repeat it every week.


herveyThis weekend was the first major long course race of the season with Challenge Gold Coast.  Next up we have the Sunshine Coast 70.3, Moreton Bay Olympic Distance, QTS, Noosa and Hervey Bay 100.

Noosa and Hervey Bay 100 are the two events that we would like to really focus on as a squad.  Noosa as always is a big event and this year will be no different. The pre-race breakfast and the after party at Laguna Jacks will be part of the weekend and a chance to celebrate with family and friends

The Hervey Bay 100 is a great locally produced event on November 23rd over the 2km swim, 80km ride and 20km run.  It has a team’s section also and for those looking at a long course race to do before the end of the year then this is perfect.

For those targeting Noosa then a team at Hervey Bay 100 could also be a great option before taking a short break and looking at races in 2015.  Also for some of our newer members just getting into the sport and a team at a race like Hervey Bay is a good way to challenge yourself over a longer swim, ride or run.

Noosa Camp

Our first camp of the 2014/15 season is only 6 weeks away.  It will be held over the Labour Day long weekend with a 3 night option starting Friday 3rd October and a 2 night option on Saturday. The camp runs until lunchtime on Monday and whilst aimed specifically for those training for the Noosa triathlon it’s also a great weekend for others wanting to get in some solid training to help prepare for future events.

This year we’ll be staying at the Ivory Palms Resort in Noosaville.  All abilities are catered for and welcomed.  Full details and costs for the camp are at. Numbers are restricted by accommodation so if you are thinking of attending please email us at so we can ensure our booking is sufficient.


Tim's Last Session

Tim’s Last Session

Our favourite run coach Tim Franklin has coached his last Brisbane run session and is off on a holiday before moving to the Sunshine Coast.  In Tim’s place for Thursday morning run will be another Tim; Tim Coles who will assist head coach, Mark on a Tuesday morning.

On behalf of the whole Tri Nation team we would like to thank Tim for all his efforts over the last few years.  Fortunately Mooloolaba is not too far away and Tim will still be involved with the squad when he is in Brisbane at different times and when he is competing at races.

In other changes to the coaching Alberto will be assisting Brad on a Wednesday morning at the cycling session and Hannah Hogan will be coming on board as a second swim coach at different Brisbane sessions to assist Jan, Tim O and Ray with giving swimmers technical feedback.  Hannah comes from an elite swim background and is a very accomplished athlete herself so it will be great to have that other pair of eyes at swim sessions for our Brisbane athletes.


Our new uniform design has been finalised with Scody and will be ready to order this week.  With the launch of the new uniform range all our training members will receive a free Tri Nation run singlet. To be eligible for the free singlet you must have completed your annual Triathlon Australia membership at and be a current social or unlimited training member. Eligible members will receive an email once the shop is live with details on how to order.


Luke Gorissen

Luke Gorissen

Luke is the newest member of the Tri Nation team, completing his diploma of Remedial massage HLT50307 early in 2014 he has wasted no time gaining hands-on experience with the likes of the Melbourne Victory and Firebirds.

Luke has an evidence based and results focused treatment style incorporating dynamic postural and flexibility tests to give real-time client feedback. He is a firm believer that prevention is the best solution, and combines modalities like deep tissue, trigger pointing, myofascial release, Stretching, muscle energy techniques, positional release, cryotherapy and joint mobilisation to achieve the best possible results.

Having competed in running and swimming events, team sports like hockey and soccer, and the more extreme skateboarding and BMX; Luke has gained a firsthand understanding of the injury and rehabilitation process from both the patient and professional perspective.

Combining these two perspectives enables Luke to develop comprehensive treatment plans that offer consistent results for clients.

With a hands on and very personal approach, Luke enjoys establishing healthy working relationships that empower people with knowledge about their body, support their ongoing return to health and encourage continuing improvement in performance and life quality.

Monthly breakfast

BBQ at Currumbin

BBQ at Currumbin

Our first weekend monthly breakfasts were a great success.  In Brisbane we had an enjoyable run around the river finishing with a BBQ and coffee at West End.  A big thanks to Cal Lloyd and Jeremy Bridges for organising. On the Gold Coast it was a great way to end the training session over the Challenge course at Currumbin.

Our next breakfast in Brisbane is scheduled for Saturday the 30th of August. This will coincide with saying farewell to the Smiddy riders as they leave for Townsville and the meeting point is either Dutton Park (BBQ area) at 5:30am or UQ Pool at 6:00am. On the Gold Coast we will meet for a run and breakfast at Southport on the 6th September.



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