Auckland 70.3 Race Report

Auckland 70.3

Taryn Axelsen

January 18th 2012 – I attended my first Tri Nation (BTS) running squad session as a nervous beginner triathlete. Up until this point I only ran – I had never in my whole life attended swimming squad and the longest I had ridden was 50km (which left me with ice on my knees all afternoon and I couldn’t walk for days!). I didn’t swim or ride outside of races.

Fast forward 3 years to January 18th 2015 and I was about to line up for my 10th half ironman, the Asia Pacific 70.3 Championship in Auckland NZ.

I knew I would return in 2015 after experiencing this race the year before when they put on a really good event – they even had hot face towels at the finish line and a big feed of fish and chips afterwards. This year I was returning to compete as prep for my first ironman (Melbourne in March) – amazing what 3 years can do.

I have discovered that the 70.3 half ironman is my favourite distance. I love the long training sessions involved and the fact that you can actually race it hard and recover relatively quickly. I have managed to improve my times from 5.24 in my first in Cairns in 2012 to a 4.53 in Busselton in 2014.

After attending so many events (10 now since June 2012) in such a short time means I am now well-versed at bike building, bike racking, registration and avoiding overspending at the merchandise store.


Auckland 70.3 swimRace morning is always a buzz and I love the feeling and atmosphere of events – it is one thing I don’t think I will ever get tired of.  A quick set up of the bike and nutrition and it’s off to get my wetsuit on and be shuttled off to the start line.

I had raced in Auckland in the World Championship Sprint Distance triathlon in 2012 and I will never forget how cold swimming in the Auckland harbour was. It was about 13deg back then, but fortunately 19 deg on race morning this year.

I don’t usually suffer from nerves in the swim, apart from worrying about a marauding shark or two, and look forward to lining up with the other girls and the rough and tumble at the start.

My goal for the swim this year was simple – swim straight. Last year I swam off course and was put straight by a life guard, so I was determined to stay on target this time. Goal achieved, however I looked at my watch and saw the same swim time as last year (which was really slow) and I will admit my heart sunk (once finishing the race and looking at results it was clear that everyone’s results were about 4 minutes slower than the previous year – goes to show you cannot compare different race times but you also have to be careful with comparing the same race year on year as, in this case the swim course was definitely longer).

Arriving back at T1 and there were many more bikes left than normal (usually they are nearly all gone after I arrive at T1); this lifted my spirits. Wetsuit off, helmet on and I was set to ride.


auckland 70.3 bikeI may have been a little ambitious assuming it would be okay to ride a brand new bike (I had only ridden it for a total of 25km before the race) but a fit a few weeks earlier from Custom Bike Fit meant I didn’t have any real dramas, except it being quite different from my previous bike.

I had one goal in the bike leg too – listen to the coach and ride to a set heart rate. This proved to be much harder than I thought.  I think perhaps my heart rate monitor took a while to work (I wore it in the swim) as it was stuck on 174 (significantly higher than planned). I eased back to try to get it lower but then started getting overtaken by others in my age group – I will admit that at around the 50km mark I had enough of trying to make it work so I put the pedal down (HR was way off target – sorry coach).

The ride is a gorgeous ride over the Auckland Harbour Bridge, then laps of the Auckland waterfront – never a moment to get bored and before I knew it I was arriving into T2. I nearly stacked it getting off and quickly had to correct myself and find my running legs very quickly.


I always count bikes from my age group in T2 to see how I am placing. I counted 9, placing me (what I thought) in 10th. I had some work to do – helmet off, Mizuno Hitogami shoes on, grab race belt and hat and go.

I had another strategy for the run – a really really low heart rate (for me); set by the coach. I was to run at heart rate 150. To put this into perspective my last half ironman 3 months earlier, my heart rate average on the run was 181. I turned my watch onto heart rate and tried my best to keep it down. The best I could do was high 160s – still a vast improvement.

My focus was on heart rate and consequently I forgot about my pace – I was pleasantly surprised to see my splits coming in at 4:20 – 4:30 pace and I was holding them. At about the 7km mark I had overtaken 3 girls putting me into what I thought was 7th. I then decided to target the girls in my age group. Soon I was 6th, then 5th, then 4th then with 1km to go I got another girl. 3rd. Maybe – was I?

My run is my strength. Coming from a running background, I count on this to finish a triathlon strongly. I have improved dramatically in recent times and am almost on the verge of catching my nearest and dearest (he is still bloody quick). I train very hard and run anywhere between 70-100km a week.

I finished Auckland in my quickest time ever for the run (1.36) and third fastest half ironman time ever (5.05). A quick look at results had me in 4th by only 50seconds. Damn. A podium spot so close but so far. It might have given me a roll down spot for the World 70.3 Champs in Austria, but that has never been my goal: however I do want to qualify for the same champs when they come to the Sunny Coast in 2016.

ironman triathlon training

February Newsletter


The training schedule changes we announced on facebook last week come into effect next week. These changes are as follows:

Healthstream QUT–          Windtrainer session is now a Wednesday morning with Mark

–          A new beginner swim on a Wednesday morning with Jan

–          Group ride focusing on skills and aerobic conditioning on a Friday morning with Brad and Alberto

We felt that the risk of crash was increasing too much to continue a hard interval bike session on a Wednesday morning in the CBD area. The amount of traffic and other cyclists is increasing all the time in the CBD area.  Finding safe locations to do hard bike intervals is becoming more difficult.

A wind trainer session allows the same conditioning effect if not better than a road session. By having the new ladies only ride on a Monday morning and the group ride on Friday, members will still be able to work on the skills side of cycling but in a safer environment with less risk of a crash where speed is not the focus.

For swim sessions now that we have separate times for beginner and intermediate/advanced swimmers, please try and swim in the appropriate session for your ability. As a general rule you need to be able comfortably hold a 2 min cycle for 100 repeats to swim in the intermediate/advanced session. The Friday morning swim with Ray is the all abilities swim for the week.

On a Saturday morning through to IM Cairns in June there will be a long course ride most weekends. These are non-coached sessions that anyone is welcome to attend. The rides vary between 3-5hrs and members need to be self-sufficient in terms of changing a tyre, hydration/nutrition and knowing the proposed route that will be posted on FB in the week prior to the ride.

Where appropriate on the racing calendar we will also include a monthly brick session which will be held in a mix of locations including QUT and Redcliffe.

Due to many members racing Kingscliffe and the Noosa club half this weekend there is no ride scheduled for this weekend.


Our next monthly breakfast will be on February 28th in conjunction with a swim, bike and run session at Suttons Beach Redcliffe. For the IM Melbourne athletes this is their last key race specific session. For those athletes competing over short course and half distance events this session will be modified to accommodate the different racing needs.


We are right in the peak racing season at the moment with a race most weekends involving Tri Nation members. This weekend is the Kingscliff Tri and the Noosa club half. In 2 weeks is the next QTS race at Raby Bay while in March we have Mooloolaba, IM Melbourne and the Tweed Enduro.

In April is Luke Harrop, the last QTS at Raby Bay and then in May we have Byron Bay, Port Macquarie IM and Ultraman Australia and finally finishing the season at Cairns for the 70.3 and IM events on June 14.

Everyone has been working hard for a few months now and racing is all about testing our limits physically and mentally.  Training is great but nothing beats a race.


Our charity partner Smiling for Smiddy do a fantastic job raising much needed funds for cancer research. Over the last couple of years we have had many of our squad members participate in various Smile for Smiddy events. This year is no different with Tri Nation members registered to participate in the different events Smiddy organise.

All of their events are listed on their website at Also remember that fundraising is not the only way you can help. Jobs such as road crew at their events and training rides is also another really useful way to contribute.

Over the coming months we will be holding some events and functions to contribute towards this.   We would love to see as many of our members be part of these events as it is not only a great way to raise funds but it also builds moral within the squad.

Smiddy ambassadorAlso this week Smiddy presented a group of people their inaugural Smiddy Ambassador awards. These ambassador awards were presented in recognition of the contribution these people have made towards the Smiddy program. Head coach Mark Turner and ladies cycling coach extrordinaire, Claire Schneider were extremely thrilled to be bestowed with these ambassador awards.



IM Camp

January Training Update

Greetings of the Season

Welcome to 2015.  We hope everyone had an enjoyable and festive Christmas and New Year and that 2015 brings you much happiness and success.  Our coaching team are very much looking forward to the year ahead and the number of different events we have members training for.  Like you, many of them also have different events they are training for and I know that over the break they were getting out there and doing some solid training.

A special welcome also to our new members that have joined us over the festive period.

Events and Races

Our first race of the season is this weekend with QTS Robina.  We also have the dynamic duo of Taryn Axelsen and Darrell Giles flying over the ditch to race Auckland 70.3 as part of their preparation for IM Melbourne.

IM CampFollowing that we have the training camp at the RACV resort Noosa which caters for both short and long course athletes preparing.  We still have places left at camp so if you’re keen on getting a great fitness boost from 4 days of solid training then register now.  These training camps do give your fitness a big kick along by overloading training for 3-4 days and then recovering afterwards.  Once you have recovered your endurance levels will have increased which leads to improved performance.

Go to to register.

After camp we have Hell of the West, Caloundra QTS, Kingscliff, Raby Bay QTS, Mooloolaba, Tweed Enduro, Luke Harrop and Byron Bay.  Then on the IM side of things we have members competing in New Zealand, Melbourne, Port Macquarie and Cairns.  As you can see a big 6 months ahead.

Social Media and Tri Nation App

Tri Nation appWe use our Tri Nation FB training page as a means to communicate and inform our members of the latest news and updates.  Additionally we now have the Tri Nation app also as a means to inform members of different events.  An example was yesterday when the Gold Coast bike session was cancelled due to rain and a notification was sent out via the training page and the app.

We will also be posting more twitter updates, photos and snippets to again keep members informed.  You can follow the Tri Nation twitter account at @TriNationNews.

The Tri Nation app can be downloaded from the app store.  We are currently working with our sponsors to develop a reward program for members who use the app. Stay tuned for more details.


The next 8-10 weeks will see sessions focusing on higher intensity to bring everyone up to a peak towards the end of March early April as most of the short course and Half IM type races are around that time. For the long course athletes competing in New Zealand and Melbourne their sessions will differ slightly to be more strength focused with some intensity but not as much as the short course program.

With the higher intensity comes a greater need to get your recovery right.  Sleep is the best recovery tool available and the cheapest.  Try and get a good solid 7-9 hrs each night and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in your energy levels and training/racing performance.

Remember outside of squad sessions keep the sessions nice and easy at around 70-75% of max hr and no faster.  Don’t make the mistake of going too fast on your easy sessions.  Easy on the easy and hard on the hard, do it consistently and you will improve, it’s that simple.  Sometimes we need to slow down to go fast!

We will have some planned recovery weeks and time trials in there to measure progress.  These are very important parts of the training process, even more important that the training itself.

And finally on the subject of training could everyone please ensure they have a full kit bag of swim aids when coming to swim training. This includes long flippers, hand sized paddles, ankle strap and pull buoy.  As part of our swim training program we like to use the different swimming aids to help improve performance.  The aqua shop at Camp Hill is our recommended swim retailer for all this equipment.

Monthly Breakfast

Our next monthly breakfast for both Brisbane and the Gold Coast will be in mid February most likely on Saturday the 14th of February.  It is the day before Kingscliffe tri and a nice easy run the day before for those competing will be a great way to freshen up.  On the subject of Saturday training sessions those athletes training for long course are doing rides every Saturday morning over a pre planned route.

These rides are open to everyone and all abilities.  The goal of these rides to build endurance so they are at own pace so it is important to be self sufficient in the event of a puncture and knowing the route.  There is always a mix of ability that attend meaning most often people will not be that far apart.

This week’s ride location and route will be posted on FB by coach Tim who is leading the rides each week.

Goodbye and Good Luck

We are losing two long time members this week as they head off to North Queensland and new adventures.  Jonathon Lucas is moving back to Townsville with his young family to be closer to his extended family and Clare Roohan has just got her first post university job as a physio in Mareeba.  Both Jonathon and Clare have been with the squad for a long time now and we are sad to see them go.

On behalf of everyone at Tri Nation we would like to firstly thank them both for all their support and wish them all the best in their new endeavours.  Hopefully we’ll see them at the Cairns IM and 70.3 as they both are aiming to compete in June.


Training Update

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From the whole team at Tri Nation we would like to wish everyone a safe and festive Christmas and New Year.  It is a time to spend with loved ones and enjoy the benefits of living in a great city and country.  Don’t train too hard, don’t feel guilty about eating too much and have a few sleep ins.  We look forward to seeing everyone in 2015 ready and raring to go for what promises to be a great year.

Training calendar over the break

Please remember there is a reduced program over the next 2 weeks.  There are training sessions on which we would love to see people at. If you are away and can’t make the sessions and doing you’re own training we would love to see some photos of the different locations people are training at.  Post them on the Tri Nation training Facebook page.  The best photo of the next 2 weeks will win a $50 voucher from Shoes Feet Gear.

Ten sessions passes

For those people that have been paying a casual rate for training please note we are no longer taking cash payments.  Instead you will need to purchase a 10 session pass and coaches will take a roll at sessions on the new Tri Nation app to monitor the amount of sessions you attend.  The 10 session pass can be purchased on the website at 

January training camp

Our first training camp of 2015 is on from Friday January 23 to Monday January 26 at the RACV resort, Noosa.  The camp is open to all abilities and will cater for athletes focusing on both short and long course events.  The schedule and details of the camp are at

As always our training camps are the perfect way to give your fitness a boost as you focus on your major event. For some that is events like IM Melbourne, IM New Zealand or short course races including Mooloolaba, Luke Harrop and Byron Bay.


Tri Nation November Newsletter

Tri Nation App

Tri Nation appChristmas has come early for all the amazing members of the Tri Nation Family!

We have created a Tri Nation app that you can download onto your smartphone for free. The ap allows you to connect with facebook and log your training times to build your personal results diary or see how you compare on the leader boards (if you wish to make your results public).

Another function of the app is our coaches now have the ability to take attendance at sessions. This allows us to track our members more effectively and see if anyone is having too many sleep ins 😉 Please note that this will mean that our coaches will be using their phones for a brief period of time during the session.

The app also has the timetable direct from our website making it easier to access quickly.

We welcome your feedback and are happy to answer any questions you might have about it.

If you have an iphone click this link to download the app.

If you have an Android Phone click here.

Alternatively search for Tri Nation in the app store.

New Scody order

The Scody online shop is now open for another order.

Username:         Tri Nation

Password:           Tri Nation

It will be open for 2 weeks closing COB Tuesday 9th December with the dispatch date Wednesday 11th February 2015. The AIR long course suits and running singlets are not included in the shop. Please contact us if you would like to order either of these two items as they will have a separate production cycle to ensure the suits are ready for IM Melbourne athletes.

Hawaii Ultraman World Champs

craig percivalThis weekend our head coach Mark Turner is travelling to Kona to act as support crew for Tri Nation on line coach, Craig Percival who is competing in the gruelling event.

Craig who qualified by placing third in Ultraman Canada last year is in great shape and looking forward to challenging the front runners.  His lovely wife Lindell and children Sam and Sienna will also be there to watch and give their support to Craig as he battles the Worlds best.

Mark will post regular updates on FB and twitter of Craig’s progress over the 3 days of the race.  Day 1 consists of a 10km swim and 145 ride, day 2 a 275km ride and day 3 a double marathon of 84km which is actually on the back half of the World IM Championships course from Havi back to Kona.

The race starts this Friday the 28th of November. Note that Hawaii is 20 hours behind Brisbane.

You can also follow Craig’s progress on his personal FB and twitter or on the Tri Nation FB and twitter feeds.

Race results

HB100We have had a busy month since Noosa with numerous races about South East Qld.  After Noosa was the QTS event at Kawana which had a small number of Tri Nation athletes competing.  Special congratulations to Emma Boast who competed her first QTS distance race.

Also that weekend was the Endeavour 500k Summer Challenge where the Tri Nation team placed 4th in some very challenging and hot conditions.  Go to the Tri Nation training page to see some of the photos and video put together by Dave Beaton.

And finally the weekend just gone saw members competing at both Hervey Bay 100 and Kingscliffe Tri.  At Hervey Bay Chris Bailey placed 7th overall and 2nd in his age group while Hannah Hogan was the first female age grouper and Kate Wardrope won her age group.

At Kingscliffe the Gold Coast coaches led the way with Dean Thurgood winning his age group and Adam Gordon placing 6th in the open category.

Full results can be viewed online.

Race wise coming up we have Nush Vanderwilt, Kristin Muir and Krista Page competing at IM Busselton before finishing the year off with the QTS event at Raby Bay on the same weekend.

Christmas Party

christmasThis year’s Christmas Party is set for Saturday 13th December and is our version of a pub triathlon. You can choose at what point in the day you join us and we’ll post updates on the Facebook page throughout the day so you know where to find us. No need to rsvp, just turn up at your leisure.

Official race start 2pm 
Leg 1 – Hamilton Hotel, Ascot (duration 1.5 hours)
T1 Hammo to Powerhouse via Citycat
Leg 2 – Powerhouse, New Farm (duration 1.5hrs)
T2 Powerhouse to Bavarian Beer Garden via Citycat
Leg 3 – Bavarian BG, Eagle Street


At this time of year with a couple of major events behind us it is all about maintaining where we are at or having a break after some hard training and racing.  With such a long season it is important that we have periods where the intensity levels are down and you give the mind and body a chance to freshen up for the events in the New Year.

So training sessions will certainly still have their challenging parts to them but not as many intervals or quite as hard.  For the IM Melbourne athletes we are in a strength endurance phase while everyone else is just in a holding pattern before we build again in the New Year.

Additionally this time of year is often hard to remain truly focused with XMAS parties and the like.  And we shouldn’t forget that triathlon is part of our life not or whole life so let your hair down and enjoy the festivities with family and friends.

Get Well Soon

One of our long time members Christian Seymour’s wife Brooke is currently in Prince Charles Hospital after having a life saving heat operation last week.  Brooke is now waiting for a heart transplant while Christian cares for their young son Mani.

On behalf of everyone at Tri Nation we pass on our best wishes to Christian and his family for a speedy recovery for Brooke.

tri nation noosa triathlon 2014

Noosa Triathlon

Noosa Triathlon Tri Nation Squad Report

The official Noosa Triathlon weekend kicked off on Thursday evening with the opening night at the RACV Noosa Resort. Tri Nation coaches Mark Turner and Tim Franklin were the guests of Smiling for Smiddy and made the most of the opportunity of chatting with pro athletes including Jan Frodeno and celebrity guests including Zoe from The Bachelor 😉

Tri Nation noosaThe big announcement of the night was the change of course slatted for 2015 with the swim to be held in the ocean in front of the surf club. The swim course change has certainly been welcomed throughout the squad. We hear some old hands who have been missing from Noosa for a few years have even been inspired to come back and have a go on what is surely going to add some fantastic scenary to the course.

The official Tri Nation program kicked off at 6:00am on Saturday with a squad ride from the tent. The Tri Nation cycling kit was sported by a number of athletes and feedback was that they were not only comfortable but looked fantastic! The squad breakfast at Cafe Le Monde finished off the ride and we’ll certainly head back there next year for what was a relaxed and easy option.

To ensure we all didn’t get too relaxed before the big race drama hit on Saturday afternoon with the strong winds causing one of the tent legs to snap. Huge thanks to our dedicated squad members Jeremy Bridges, Michael Curtis, Rebecca Saunders, Derrin Cason and Angelique Brearley for their awesome job at emergency tent repairs plus Shane Bamkin for helping us get the tent up in the first place. It would have been a tough day in the sun on Sunday without you guys!

Tri Nation noosa swimWith the dramas all sorted and the tent still standing on race day we were finally ready to watch everyone race the triathlon. For the first time the team at Smiddy had their own wave start and the blue suits looked very impressive leading most age groupers around the course. Congratulations to our athletes who fundraised and raced for Smiddy: Andrew Hancox, Brian Brady, Hannah Bryne and Tessa McEvoy.

While it was a steamy day in Noosa all our first time Olympic distance athletes had a great time and some impressive results for their first time out. Our first time athletes were Andrew Hancox, David Hills, Gordon Price, Kevin Panahon, Michael Curtis, Pamela Ring and Rebecca Saunders. For many of these guys the swim leg has been the most daunting aspect and Gordon, Pamela and Rebecca in particular have come a long way. All three have been consistently turning up to the swim sessions week in and week out and their efforts at getting in well under 40 minutes are to be comended.

Tri Nation noosa triAt the pointy end of the field we had the girls smoking their way around the course. Gabby Kukla produced a 2:22 to win the 20-24 age catorgory while Hannah Hogan was in a crazy fast 30-34 age group with her 2:17 bringing her home in 5th place. Gold Coast coach Angelique Brearley keeps getting faster each time with a 2:22 earning her 5th place in the competitive 25-29 age group.

Full race results will be up on the website shortly. However we also have to mention some big PBs that were achieved over the weekend. As highlighted at the after party Brian Brady’s hard training paid off with a 47 minute PB and a time of 2:41. Both Hannah Byrne and Brett Allen also came in with over 20 minute PBs and times of 2:36 and 2:54 respectively.

All up is was a great weekend in Noosa and finished off in style with the Hawaii themed after party. Thanks to Jeremy and Sam for their hard work with the decorations and Scody for their input and prizes on the night.

Tri Nation noosa swim

Callan Lloyd Ironman

Tri Nation Training – Mental Strength


The context to this article is that Noosa is days away, HB100 is a little over a week away, and Head Coach Mark “the Godfather” Turner has asked me to put pen to paper on how to improve mental strength for these races. After a few brief minutes of contemplation, I’ve decided against it.

My reasoning is this, you can’t develop mental strength from the article you’ve crammed in days before a race; there are no corners to cut; no technology that will instil it; and unlike the 6:32am “Noosa premium wave start”, there is no extra fee you can pay to guarantee you will have it. In what I consider to be perhaps the most beautiful aspect of our sport, not even the lightest, most expensive, advanced wetsuit/bike/running shoe will compensate for a lack of it – if it isn’t there you are exposed, it is a matter of time before things come undone.

Mental strength is a wall you started building before the 12/16/20 week campaign started. Every time you made the right decision, pushed that extra 1% during hard training, held back during easy training, stretched properly before going to bed, reached for the water over soft drink, salad over a burger and recovered appropriately, you added a brick to the wall.

surround yourselfThrough your training and particularly just before a race, you need to surround yourself with those on the same wavelength as you. Try to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere and ensure you remain calm and off your feet leading in to the race. If you are approaching your key race for the season be prepared to leave your comfort zone, because in racing, just like in life, our most memorable performances don’t come when we are in safe waters. They come from responding well when we are under fire, when the bombs are dropping all around us. In all races nothing goes 100% to plan. Victories rarely come from a perfectly implement plant; it is about re-action to the circumstances as they develop in real time. This is your time to shine – I hope you’ve built your wall.

comfort zoneFor the rest of us who may not be approaching the coming race in the finest of form. There is a lot to be gained from this too. You cannot maintain 100% fitness all the time, you will burn out. Enjoy the weekend for what it is – a celebration of our health, our (reasonable level of) fitness and friendships in one of the most beautiful places in the world. For me there is also something very relaxing about approaching a race without the burden of great expectations. It allows for a level of relaxation that you don’t experience when you throw the tri-suit on in anger. Enjoy yourself and allow the seed of motivation to be planted that will become a forest of preparation before your #1 race, whenever that might be.

For those who might be approaching their first Noosa or long distance triathlon this may well be one of the greatest weekends of your life. If you are anything like me you won’t be the same after it. Enjoy every second.

Before my first Noosa Tri I had a brainwave that by slightly opening my gels and taping them to my bike I’d ensure I’d be able to quickly access them during the ride. Given that I didn’t run the idea by anyone, of course, the result was the world’s stickiest Giant TCR Advanced. I raise this to demonstrate two points:

  1. The number one rule of racing is don’t try anything new on race day – stick to what you know; and
  2. As a squad we have an infinite wealth of knowledge and experience. If you are somewhat new to the squad and are unsure of anything, please don’t hesitate to ask someone that’s been doing it longer than you, (to their detriment) triathletes love telling others their opinion on how to do something – just ask.

My final point and take home message from this article is this, whatever you take away from the upcoming race do not let that be the end of the story. If things go well or if things go bad, if this is a race you have been preparing for all year or a last minute decision to strut your stuff, it is a starting point on which you can build the next chapter. Shortly after the post-race party you should start looking forward and chasing the next challenge and building a new wall. For everyone this should involve talking to your coach about the next event and putting a plan together in preparation for that race.

triathlon dreamsFor the long course guys and girls HOTW, Melbourne IM, Cairns IM and Cairns 70.3 will be here before we know it. I think that the next few weeks will be very important for those that want to get the most out of themselves in these races. My aim as one of the Long Course coaches is to provide a fun few months of training for the remainder of the year where we will start implementing good habits that will lead to an abundance of mental strength come race day. From the new year onwards the heat will be on to create a new and better you.

Tim Osborne, the Godfather and I have been putting plans together for some great sessions in the next few months along with a separate suggested Long Course program that athletes can chose to base their own programs around and obtain quick feedback and answers specific to the demands of long course training. If you are contemplating a long course race in 2015 I encourage you to speak to one or all of us over the coming weekend.

Good luck to all, and enjoy your race. I’ll close with some of the best advice I have ever received and something that will pay dividends if this warm weather keeps up on race day:

In the first half of the race don’t be an idiot;
In the second half don’t be a sook

Noosa Tri Run

October Newsletter

Noosa Triathlon

The big daddy of triathlons is on again, Noosa Tri.  As always we’re making a weekend of it by having a breakfast on the Saturday morning at Cafe Le Monde on Hastings Street and then the after party at Laguna Jacks. The breakfast at Cafe Le Monde will be a limited menu with payment per table so please bring cash along to make the bill a stress free process.

The team from Scody are joining us this year at the after party and some of their sponsored athletes in Brad Kahletfeld, Sam Betten, John Polson and Felicity Sheedy-Ryan will be joining us at the after party.

This year we will be covering the cost of the party for all Tri Nation annual members. Friends and family are also welcome along and you can buy tickets for them online.  Tickets are $20 for non-members and the price includes canapes throughout the evening and exclusive access to the venue. We will be distributing wristbands at the breakfast on Saturday and on race morning to those that have rsvp’d and bought tickets. Member rsvp’s can be done through the Facebook page.

Stay tuned to the Tri Nation group facebook page for updates about training and other activities surrounding the triathlon.

Scody Coffee Ride

This Wednesday the 29th of October the squad ride is from the Scody HQ on Montague Rd, West End. It will be a river loop ride followed by coffee at Plenty courtesy of the team from Scody.  With our new uniforms arriving in time for Noosa it will be great to wear the new kit.

We are looking at offering another order in the coming weeks also.  Stay tuned for further details.

Long Course Program

The week after Noosa represents 20 weeks from IM Melbourne which is the first of our major squad long course races for 2015.  This will also mean that there will be tailored sessions offered for the IM athletes at specific squad sessions.

These sessions will be Tuesday morning run, Wednesday morning cycling and Friday morning windtrainer.  The Thursday night swim is also a specific strength set of 90 min mainly focusing on longer reps however it will also benefit short course athletes.

We are looking at offering a training camp from the RACV resort, Noosa over the Australia day long weekend in January.  This camp will be a great build up for IM Melbourne athletes but will also benefit short course athletes aiming for Mooloolaba and other short course events and also kick the campaign for Cairns athletes.


Over the last few weeks the focus has been on higher intensity intervals at squad sessions to help members peak at the right time for Noosa and Hervey Bay.

One of the major objectives of any training program is to improve the bodies ability to use fat as an energy source.  Carbohydrate is also an energy source but it is limited, however with fat and the right fueling and training we can teach the body to better use fat as an energy source thereby getting an improved result.

This is done by the food we eat and type of training we do.  By using polarised training techniques where we go easy on our easy sessions and hard on our hard we are improving the bodies ability to use fat as an energy source.

In fact the latest studies have shown us at high intensity intervals are actually better at improving fat burning capabilities that the traditional easy aerobic training.  After Noosa and HB 100 the intensity level will drop back down for a few weeks to recover before we build into the key races in the new year.

With such a long season it is also important to factor into training easier periods where you can recover mentally and physically.

Training Timetable Changes

Please note due to Noosa Triathlon and the G20 Summit the following sessions will not be held:

  • Friday 31st October – Brisbane windtrainer
  • Friday 31st October – Gold Coast swim
    Please note the Brisbane swim session will still be on.
  • Friday 14th November – Brisbane windtrainer and swim sessions.

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