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October Newsletter

Noosa Triathlon

The big daddy of triathlons is on again, Noosa Tri.  As always we’re making a weekend of it by having a breakfast on the Saturday morning at Cafe Le Monde on Hastings Street and then the after party at Laguna Jacks. The breakfast at Cafe Le Monde will be a limited menu with payment per table so please bring cash along to make the bill a stress free process.

The team from Scody are joining us this year at the after party and some of their sponsored athletes in Brad Kahletfeld, Sam Betten, John Polson and Felicity Sheedy-Ryan will be joining us at the after party.

This year we will be covering the cost of the party for all Tri Nation annual members. Friends and family are also welcome along and you can buy tickets for them online.  Tickets are $20 for non-members and the price includes canapes throughout the evening and exclusive access to the venue. We will be distributing wristbands at the breakfast on Saturday and on race morning to those that have rsvp’d and bought tickets. Member rsvp’s can be done through the Facebook page.

Stay tuned to the Tri Nation group facebook page for updates about training and other activities surrounding the triathlon.

Scody Coffee Ride

This Wednesday the 29th of October the squad ride is from the Scody HQ on Montague Rd, West End. It will be a river loop ride followed by coffee at Plenty courtesy of the team from Scody.  With our new uniforms arriving in time for Noosa it will be great to wear the new kit.

We are looking at offering another order in the coming weeks also.  Stay tuned for further details.

Long Course Program

The week after Noosa represents 20 weeks from IM Melbourne which is the first of our major squad long course races for 2015.  This will also mean that there will be tailored sessions offered for the IM athletes at specific squad sessions.

These sessions will be Tuesday morning run, Wednesday morning cycling and Friday morning windtrainer.  The Thursday night swim is also a specific strength set of 90 min mainly focusing on longer reps however it will also benefit short course athletes.

We are looking at offering a training camp from the RACV resort, Noosa over the Australia day long weekend in January.  This camp will be a great build up for IM Melbourne athletes but will also benefit short course athletes aiming for Mooloolaba and other short course events and also kick the campaign for Cairns athletes.


Over the last few weeks the focus has been on higher intensity intervals at squad sessions to help members peak at the right time for Noosa and Hervey Bay.

One of the major objectives of any training program is to improve the bodies ability to use fat as an energy source.  Carbohydrate is also an energy source but it is limited, however with fat and the right fueling and training we can teach the body to better use fat as an energy source thereby getting an improved result.

This is done by the food we eat and type of training we do.  By using polarised training techniques where we go easy on our easy sessions and hard on our hard we are improving the bodies ability to use fat as an energy source.

In fact the latest studies have shown us at high intensity intervals are actually better at improving fat burning capabilities that the traditional easy aerobic training.  After Noosa and HB 100 the intensity level will drop back down for a few weeks to recover before we build into the key races in the new year.

With such a long season it is also important to factor into training easier periods where you can recover mentally and physically.

Training Timetable Changes

Please note due to Noosa Triathlon and the G20 Summit the following sessions will not be held:

  • Friday 31st October – Brisbane windtrainer
  • Friday 31st October – Gold Coast swim
    Please note the Brisbane swim session will still be on.
  • Friday 14th November – Brisbane windtrainer and swim sessions.

Power Meters for Cycling

Training and Racing with a Power Meter

  • Power = the amount of energy being applied to the pedals.
  • A function of torque (pressure on the pedals) and cadence.
  • Provides immediate feedback on cycling effort.
  • Does not have the lag effect that heart rate does.
  • Is not affected by wind, gradient, temperature, fatigue, hydration etc that other indicators like Speed and HR are.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

  • FTP is defined as the average power that an athlete can maintain for a 1 hour effort.
  • All training and racing zones should be expressed as a % of your FTP.
  • FTP can be determined in a number of ways:
    – 1 hour TT average power eg. 260w
    – 20min TT average power ÷ 1.05 eg. 273w over 20min = 260w for 1 hour
    Your FTP should be retested every 4-6 weeks to recalibrate training zones

Training with a Power Meter

Power based training levels (zones) are developed based on your FTP. Coggan based training zones:

power meters for cycling

Zones are used for targeted physiological and performance adaptations

power meters for cycling

Typical Workouts for Power Based Training

power meters for cycling

Power and Heart Rate

power meters for cyclingPower and heart rate will not always track together. Fatigue, dehydration, tiredness will increase HR compared to power. In training or racing, this is called ‘decoupling’.

Important Data from the Power Meter

power meters for cycling


Analysing the Data

  • Use lap splits to allow easier power workout analysis.
  • Consistent Normalised Power from lap to lap, 5% variance.
  • Low Variability Index, < 1.05
  • Low decoupling ratio < 5%
  • Get a feeling of the level of fatigue for a given TSS.

Racing with a Power Meter

  • Establish your goal race power using formula.
  • Expect high power at the start but try to keep it down – PACING!
  • For an undulating course, aim to hold 95% of goal power on flats.
  • For a >3min hill, ride at 105% of goal wattage.
  • For a <3min hill, ride at 110-120%
  • Expect decoupling of power and HR.
  • Aim for each lap to be as close to target power as possible.
  • Avoid surges, and power spikes.


triathlon training

September Newsletter

Triathlon Training Brisbane and Gold Coast

triathlon training brisbaneOur first couple of races of the season have been completed in the TQ duathlon, Challenge Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast 70.3. Next we have Moreton Bay on October 12th followed by the first QTS triathlon race at Robina on October 19th. From there we head to Noosa, QTS at Kawana Waters and then Hervey Bay 100 on November 23rd.

To help get ready for these events this month at training is a speed endurance focus.  So that means longer efforts at around 80-85% of your maximum and also incorporating some change of pace work in there.  Next month we move into the sessions where we are doing shorter and more intense efforts to finalise the preparation to peak for November.

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

triathlon training brisbaneThe new Gold Coast aquatic centre at Southport opened this month which is great for our Gold Coast members.  Renovated to the tune of $41 million dollars with 2 x 50m pools, a 25m pool, gymnasium, recovery spas and café our members have some of the best facilities to train at in Australia.

We often have Gold Coast members training in Brisbane so we would love to see some Brisbane members visit the Gold Coast to experience what it has to offer.  Our next combined session for Brisbane and Gold Coast members will be a ride to Beechmont on Saturday October 18th which will start and finish from the new pool.

Along with the new facilities at QUT in the City, Tri Nation members have access to the best facilities in South East Qld to train at.  There are no other triathlon squads that train at either venue which gives members an advantage already over their competitors.

Shoes Feet Gear Run Technique Course

Our next run technique course with Shoes Feet Gear starts on Thursday Oct 2nd.  Many of our squad members have completed these courses in the past and gained a lot of benefit from doing so.  Led by expert running biomechanist Jaryd Grantham this 6 week course is all about improving your run efficiency and therefore times on race day. Head to to register.

Scody Uniforms

scodyThe first Scody order of the new Tri-Nation uniforms has been closed so we could get them in time for Noosa.  We will be doing another order before the end of the year through the on line shop at Scody.

You’ll notice to coaches are in their new polo shirts now so we’re really looking forward to seeing everyone in the new uniforms when they arrive.

Tri Nation Online

Our new Tri Nation online website is now live . The online triathlon programming through personalised programs and generic programs is an area we have been doing for a while now and something that we wish to expand on.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing generic programs for all the major long course events in Australasia for 2015.  These will cover beginner, intermediate and advanced 12 and 16 week programs specific to the relevant courses.

All personalised programs for on line clients will be written by head coach Mark Turner and Craig Percival.  Craig owns and runs the Aqua Shop in Melbourne with his wife Lindell and has been an online coach for a number of years now.  He has been involved in triathlon for over 20 years as an athlete, coach, retailer and product supplier.

Craig is quite an accomplished athlete with 4 x Kona Hawaii IM finishes and an IM PB of 9.02.  He is also the course record holder for days 1 & 2 at Ultraman Canada and at the end of November he will be competing in the World Ultraman Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

We would also like to announce that Tri Nation will be the official coaching provider for Ultraman Australia to be held in Noosa next year. Held over 8, 9 and 10 May right in the heart of Noosa this will be an epic event in an amazing location.  To be the official coaching partner for the inaugural Ultraman Australia is a huge thrill and something that we are really looking forward to.





Tri Nation August Newsletter

Training Plan

For the month of August the main focus at squad sessions has been on developing strength.  This is part of the plan so that November is the time when most people are hitting their peak fitness.  By starting with some strength work it lays a great platform for building into some longer speed endurance sessions into September and then some higher intensity intervals in October.

triathlon training

Weight Training

August has also been a time to try different things in training.  Such as the Friday morning windtrainer session in the group exercise room at Healthstream at QUT.  We have been using the weights whilst on the bike during the session to help with improving core stability and positioning on the bike.  Plus it exposes the body to different stimuli and our bodies adapt very well when you place different stimulus on them.

If you throw in some races between now and November also it means you’re hitting that peak fitness at the right time. And with the season so long now it often means that you’re breaking it up into 2 maybe even 3 parts with the focus being on performing at your best for 2 or 3 races over 9-10 months.

After November it is a good time to have a short break to freshen up before getting ready for another event in the New Year.  These short 1-2 week breaks through what is now a long season are essential if you want to remain healthy and continue to improve year on year.  The body and the mind need some down time to recover and stay fresh. Then at the end of the season it is a good idea to have a longer 3-4 week break.

Remember though the key to improvement is consistency and as mentioned above proper recovery.  The best way to achieve consistency is a good routine that you can repeat every week.  Motivation is a behaviour that runs out but routine does not so find a routine that is sustainable around family, work and training and repeat it every week.


herveyThis weekend was the first major long course race of the season with Challenge Gold Coast.  Next up we have the Sunshine Coast 70.3, Moreton Bay Olympic Distance, QTS, Noosa and Hervey Bay 100.

Noosa and Hervey Bay 100 are the two events that we would like to really focus on as a squad.  Noosa as always is a big event and this year will be no different. The pre-race breakfast and the after party at Laguna Jacks will be part of the weekend and a chance to celebrate with family and friends

The Hervey Bay 100 is a great locally produced event on November 23rd over the 2km swim, 80km ride and 20km run.  It has a team’s section also and for those looking at a long course race to do before the end of the year then this is perfect.

For those targeting Noosa then a team at Hervey Bay 100 could also be a great option before taking a short break and looking at races in 2015.  Also for some of our newer members just getting into the sport and a team at a race like Hervey Bay is a good way to challenge yourself over a longer swim, ride or run.

Noosa Camp

Our first camp of the 2014/15 season is only 6 weeks away.  It will be held over the Labour Day long weekend with a 3 night option starting Friday 3rd October and a 2 night option on Saturday. The camp runs until lunchtime on Monday and whilst aimed specifically for those training for the Noosa triathlon it’s also a great weekend for others wanting to get in some solid training to help prepare for future events.

This year we’ll be staying at the Ivory Palms Resort in Noosaville.  All abilities are catered for and welcomed.  Full details and costs for the camp are at. Numbers are restricted by accommodation so if you are thinking of attending please email us at so we can ensure our booking is sufficient.


Tim's Last Session

Tim’s Last Session

Our favourite run coach Tim Franklin has coached his last Brisbane run session and is off on a holiday before moving to the Sunshine Coast.  In Tim’s place for Thursday morning run will be another Tim; Tim Coles who will assist head coach, Mark on a Tuesday morning.

On behalf of the whole Tri Nation team we would like to thank Tim for all his efforts over the last few years.  Fortunately Mooloolaba is not too far away and Tim will still be involved with the squad when he is in Brisbane at different times and when he is competing at races.

In other changes to the coaching Alberto will be assisting Brad on a Wednesday morning at the cycling session and Hannah Hogan will be coming on board as a second swim coach at different Brisbane sessions to assist Jan, Tim O and Ray with giving swimmers technical feedback.  Hannah comes from an elite swim background and is a very accomplished athlete herself so it will be great to have that other pair of eyes at swim sessions for our Brisbane athletes.


Our new uniform design has been finalised with Scody and will be ready to order this week.  With the launch of the new uniform range all our training members will receive a free Tri Nation run singlet. To be eligible for the free singlet you must have completed your annual Triathlon Australia membership at and be a current social or unlimited training member. Eligible members will receive an email once the shop is live with details on how to order.


Luke Gorissen

Luke Gorissen

Luke is the newest member of the Tri Nation team, completing his diploma of Remedial massage HLT50307 early in 2014 he has wasted no time gaining hands-on experience with the likes of the Melbourne Victory and Firebirds.

Luke has an evidence based and results focused treatment style incorporating dynamic postural and flexibility tests to give real-time client feedback. He is a firm believer that prevention is the best solution, and combines modalities like deep tissue, trigger pointing, myofascial release, Stretching, muscle energy techniques, positional release, cryotherapy and joint mobilisation to achieve the best possible results.

Having competed in running and swimming events, team sports like hockey and soccer, and the more extreme skateboarding and BMX; Luke has gained a firsthand understanding of the injury and rehabilitation process from both the patient and professional perspective.

Combining these two perspectives enables Luke to develop comprehensive treatment plans that offer consistent results for clients.

With a hands on and very personal approach, Luke enjoys establishing healthy working relationships that empower people with knowledge about their body, support their ongoing return to health and encourage continuing improvement in performance and life quality.

Monthly breakfast

BBQ at Currumbin

BBQ at Currumbin

Our first weekend monthly breakfasts were a great success.  In Brisbane we had an enjoyable run around the river finishing with a BBQ and coffee at West End.  A big thanks to Cal Lloyd and Jeremy Bridges for organising. On the Gold Coast it was a great way to end the training session over the Challenge course at Currumbin.

Our next breakfast in Brisbane is scheduled for Saturday the 30th of August. This will coincide with saying farewell to the Smiddy riders as they leave for Townsville and the meeting point is either Dutton Park (BBQ area) at 5:30am or UQ Pool at 6:00am. On the Gold Coast we will meet for a run and breakfast at Southport on the 6th September.




Triathlon Coaching

Taking a Risk

I have always believed in taking risks, having a go and not wondering what could have been. I have made my fair share of mistakes and had some setbacks on the way. But every hurdle is an opportunity to learn, grow and experience new things, which never would have fallen my way previously.

I took a punt on a guy named Tim Franklin by offering him a triathlon coaching role within our squad.

We met during the 2008 Tour De Tri when he ran with me on some of the marathons, and six years on he’s a changed man for the better.

Triathlon training

Tim in the early days!

His outgoing personality has been a constant and he’s always loved a party but I never would have predicted he’d become a sub-10hr Ironman athlete, Australian age group representative, outstanding and motivating run coach, and someone who loves to get his shirt off at every opportunity.

I initially saw a guy who wasn’t particularly fast or blessed with much natural athletic talent, but his special determination and positivity shone through. Tim joined our squad, started to train, dropped weight, finished his first Ironman, raced for experience, and over time we started to talk about coaching.

He didn’t have triathlon coaching experience, and limited running and triathlon technical knowledge but he had heart, pushed himself and loved being a part of the squad.  So, I took a risk that has paid off. Tim is an outstanding run coach.

This is directly attributed to the hard work Tim has done and the care he takes with squad members. His fortunes could have easily fallen the other way as, when Tim started coaching, he was shouldering the pressure of replacing a long-term run coach. These weren’t easy shoes to fill as the previous coach had a loyal following but I think it’s fair to say, Tim has developed his own style and fan base.


Tim Racing Ironman

Tim didn’t hold back, he researched, accepted feedback and was prepared to have a go. In return he’s developed into a special coach, leaving a positive and lasting impact on squad members.

It’s Tim’s turn to take a risk. He’s jumping into the unknown in his professional life by accepting a role to lead the Jetts Fitness legal team in Mooloolaba. I have no doubt Tim will grab the opportunity with both hands just as he has done with his coaching.

– Mark Turner



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