Triathlon Coaching

Taking a Risk

I have always believed in taking risks, having a go and not wondering what could have been. I have made my fair share of mistakes and had some setbacks on the way. But every hurdle is an opportunity to learn, grow and experience new things, which never would have fallen my way previously.

I took a punt on a guy named Tim Franklin by offering him a triathlon coaching role within our squad.

We met during the 2008 Tour De Tri when he ran with me on some of the marathons, and six years on he’s a changed man for the better.

Triathlon training

Tim in the early days!

His outgoing personality has been a constant and he’s always loved a party but I never would have predicted he’d become a sub-10hr Ironman athlete, Australian age group representative, outstanding and motivating run coach, and someone who loves to get his shirt off at every opportunity.

I initially saw a guy who wasn’t particularly fast or blessed with much natural athletic talent, but his special determination and positivity shone through. Tim joined our squad, started to train, dropped weight, finished his first Ironman, raced for experience, and over time we started to talk about coaching.

He didn’t have triathlon coaching experience, and limited running and triathlon technical knowledge but he had heart, pushed himself and loved being a part of the squad.  So, I took a risk that has paid off. Tim is an outstanding run coach.

This is directly attributed to the hard work Tim has done and the care he takes with squad members. His fortunes could have easily fallen the other way as, when Tim started coaching, he was shouldering the pressure of replacing a long-term run coach. These weren’t easy shoes to fill as the previous coach had a loyal following but I think it’s fair to say, Tim has developed his own style and fan base.


Tim Racing Ironman

Tim didn’t hold back, he researched, accepted feedback and was prepared to have a go. In return he’s developed into a special coach, leaving a positive and lasting impact on squad members.

It’s Tim’s turn to take a risk. He’s jumping into the unknown in his professional life by accepting a role to lead the Jetts Fitness legal team in Mooloolaba. I have no doubt Tim will grab the opportunity with both hands just as he has done with his coaching.

– Mark Turner