Thank you for visiting us at Tri Nation Triathlon.

Please check your inbox (if not there please check your junk folder) for an email from us with a link to download your guide to training for an Ironman in under 14 hours.

At Tri Nation Triathlon we have a strong focus on Ironman triathlon and whether this is your current goal or you are hoping to complete a long distance triathlon in the future we can help you. If you are looking for more assistance we have squad training options as well as personalised program available.

Good luck with your Ironman goals!

Suzanne, Mark and the Tri Nation Triathlon team.


P.S. here’s a testimonial from one of our athletes Joel Murray about how we helped him achieve his goals

“I joined Tri Nation Triathlon Club (my 5th club in 16 years of the sport) and went on a program with Mark Turner, May 2016 because I was ready to give up triathlon and endurance sports due to injury and confidence. I have a really busy schedule working full time as a primary school teacher, being a single dad and also working as a commentator over half the weekends oJoel Murrayf the year.

Mark Turner, the head coach has been the most understanding and patient coach instilling confidence back in myself. At the start it took six weeks until my body was able to train back to back days as I had an existing Achilles injury (I had it for 8 months prior to joining Mark).

Mark’s focus was just to get me into a routine and working off heart rate. Sounds simple but without the encouragement from Mark and the constant contact I would have given up in those early stages.

After missing a whole season due to injury I got back onto the start line in an Olympic distance race and had a ball. I have never felt so strong in a race. On the weekend I competed in my first long course triathlon since 2013. In all of my previous long course attempts I have had terrible cramping issues, dehydration, vomiting, 2x DNF’s and even lost my vision.

By trusting the race plan developed with Mark I finished 4th in my age group and felt unreal the whole race. I have never even been inside the top 10 nor competitive in a long course event and was only out there to follow a plan not actually race. Going into a race knowing your coach has your back the way I know Mark has mine means the world to me.

What I respect most about Mark is that when I had a goal to race in Ironman NZ this year we had a meeting 16 weeks out and he was honest in saying we should look to 2018 instead. I agreed as my body wasn’t ready. Every other coach I have ever had would have still pushed me to that race even with a broken and not ready body.

I recommend talking to Mark at Tri Nation if you are an athlete who is time poor and needs that support to help you meet a goal. The squad is friendly and no one has an ego. The coaching team is very professional and I love their willingness to learn and adapt to feedback.

Thank you Mark Turner and I look forward to the road to Ironman in 2018 with you as part of my crew.”