Ironman Triathlon Training

Tri Nation Triathlon Training Philosophies

  1. Triathlon is a team sport.
    At Tri Nation we pride ourselves on having created an environment that encourages and builds up our athletes. When you are training for an Ironman event you’ll do some of the mentally and physically hardest sessions of your life and having some great training buddies to push through these with you can make the world of difference.
  2. Family comes first.
    Our training philosophies work on fitting training into your life not the other way around. Not everyone has 20+ hours per week to devote to training and we’ll help you to ensure that other aspects of your life aren’t compromised whilst still gaining the results you are after.
  3. Targeted Training.
    Our Coaches led by Mark Turner have a wealth of experience when it comes to Ironman training. Sessions are developed specifically to get you the best results possible and we don’t waste time on ‘junk miles’.
  4. Nutrition is critical to any long course race.
    The number one area where an athlete’s race can fall apart is in their nutrition plan. We will ensure that you are fuelled right with the assistance of the team from Apple to Zucchini. This includes nutritional advice, race day plans and sweat testing.
  5. Pacing is key.
    Too often we see athletes with fantastic bike splits who then fall apart on the run. Pacing is key to any triathlon. We will work with you to get your pacing right through aerobic testing and supported race specific rides.
  6. Have fun!
    Ironman training doesn’t have to boring. Join us and those long rides and runs will go by faster then you think!
  7. Knowledge equals results
    Check out our Ironman Triathlon School! This is where you can learn everything you need to know about how to train for an Ironman. Best of all, it’s free!

Whether this is your first long distance race or you are looking at improving your times then contact us to find out more.

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How to Train for an Ironman in Under 14 Hours Per Week

Training for an Ironman doesn’t have to compromise the important things in life – family, work and relationships. Our speciality is providing programs that focus on balancing our busy lifestyles and here we provide you with a guide on how you can train for an Ironman in under 14 hours per week.

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We arrived in Brisbane in 2012; with me a frustrated triathlete having just turned down a Kona spot. 

I was  looking for a “real” Aussie coach to help me improve and do it again; lucky for me I met Mark Turner and 4 years later looking at the list below I can safely say we smashed it! 

  • 2 Kona qualifications with a sub 10 hour finish on the big island
  •  Ironman and 70.3 podium finishes
  •  3rd in my age group in the Australian long distance championships in 2015 and 20th in my age group at the 70.3 worlds on the Sunshine Coast in 2016
  •  Plus PBs at Olympic, half and full iron distance

 It has been a great athlete/coach partnership because of the following:

  • Honesty – Mark says it like it is, so if something isn’t likely to work it gets binned. 
  • Understanding real life – Mark knows triathlon, whilst important, comes behind family and work in the list of priorities. 
  • Flexibility – with a young family and hectic work schedule, Mark managed to find a training plan that worked
  •  Listening – plenty of feedback both ways is essential to make the partnership work.

It is a shame to be leaving Australia and Mark’s coaching care – however I came looking for a real Aussie coach and am leaving having made a real Aussie mate! 

Thanks Mate I’ve had a blast!

Chris Bailey

The thing I like most about being a member of Tri Nation though is they make it fun to train, sure they push you to your limits, and at times past your limits, but the improvements and results speaks for themselves.

Mick RyanCairns IM

Mark has strong credentials coaching IRONMAN athletes and from the first goal setting session it was clear he focuses on understanding the athlete and individualising the training program to get the best results. It was a smart program with structured, specific sessions across all three disciplines, backed by regular one-to-one feedback and guidance.

Racing IRONMAN WA I set PBs across all three disciplines and finally executed a strong marathon to achieve a 34 minute IM personal best of 9hr 32min. I’m disappointed in myself for taking so long to link with a quality coach but it goes to show if you want to get the best from yourself you have to invest in the right coach. Mark is that coach for me and I fully recommend him to anyone wanting to get the best from themselves as an IRONMAN athlete.  

Rowan FosterIM Western Australia

I’ve been so pleased with my progress now since joining the squad that I can’t wait to complete my next IM, where if I struggled through one more event and had another poor result I think I might have given the sport away.  I set my own personal target time 8 months before the race on what time I was currently doing in training.  I was planning on finishing the Cairns Ironman in about 12:30 – 13:30 hours. That was best case! 

I completed my first event in 11:30 and I had plenty of energy left at the end.  This is my motivation for my next IM event and how much better my time could be…

Adam KingIM Cairns