Training – Schedule Changes

As the year and the racing season evolves and changes we’re always reviewing our training program and schedule.  As a professional coaching service our job is to try and provide our members with quality training sessions, professional coaching plus a challenging and supportive training environment.

Therefore as we move out of winter and into the start of the racing season there will be a couple of minor changes to the weekly training schedule that we believe will further assist Tri Nation members reach their potential.

The first of those has started with the Tuesday night swim from Brisbane Grammar from 6-7pm.  Fantastic facility, the pool to ourselves and in a central location this also balances out the swim program for the week with Monday morning, Tuesday night and then Thursday and Friday morning swims for members to choose from.

The next change is that on a Friday morning we will combine the swim and run sessions to make it more triathlon specific.  It is important to remember we train for triathlon and where the opportunity exists to do more triathlon specific sessions it is worth doing. The swim will start at 5.15am and finish at 6.15am and then transition straight into a run from 6.15am to 7.00am.

Members can choose to swim or run or combine both for a great aerobic session. The run will start at 6.15am sharp so for those doing both you’ll need to get out of the pool in time to start the run which will be from Healthstream.  This will start next Friday the 1st of September.


From the Thursday morning the 21st of September we’ll be offering a second wind trainer session from the new venue at Spring Hill. This session will be a wind trainer/run session x 3 and again a very specific triathlon session. So it will be different than the Tuesday morning which is a longer wind trainer with a short run off the bike.

From a performance perspective having an additional wind trainer session is actually better than offering a group ride on the road.  More specific, more time focused and also more importantly, safer than challenging cars in central Brisbane.

Weekend sessions

Each month we will offer two trail runs on a Saturday morning. Trail running is a great way to improve your strength, endurance, core stability and they are very enjoyable. We have some fantastic trails in Brisbane that are perfect for running and if you want to build strength and endurance for triathlon then there is nothing better than some occasional trail runs. And all abilities welcome as most weeks there will be 2 coaches.

On another Saturday we will do a brick session of some description. They will be a mixture of swim, wind trainer and run like what is being offered at the Valley Pool this Saturday. Other options will be swim, bike and run sessions at Suttons Beach, Redcliffe or open water swims and then ride or run from Enoggera Dam.

The other weekend of the month will often be a race or depending on the time of year a specific long course session of bike/run at individual pace to prepare for a key race. We did a few of these sessions leading into Cairns this year where members rode around a looped bike and run course and practiced their race day nutrition/hydration plans.

Group Rides

We’ve had some feedback around group rides and if we will be offering them in the future.  If you’re riding with a small group of 3-4 of similar ability then a group ride does have a positive training benefit.  A group that size is also easier to control from a safety perspective.

Our primary goal is to provide you with training sessions that will help you improve and reach your own personal training goals. However in groups larger than 3-4 many of the people in the group won’t be getting the proper training effect due to the differences in ability. And as time crunched triathletes that most of us are, time is not something that we can waste when it comes to training.

Additionally in groups larger than 3-4 people safety is compromised with the amount of traffic now on the roads. The ability difference becomes harder to control leaving us a coaching provider at great risk ensuring everyone is safe.

What we will do is let our members know some of the better routes to ride in SE QLD and say that if anyone is interested there will be a non- coached ride leaving from a certain place and time.  These will be on a Sunday as it is a lot less busier than a Saturday morning.


With these schedule changes there will also be a couple of minor changes to the coaches delivering the sessions.

The first of those is that we’re welcoming back Tim Franklin. Tim has returned to Brisbane from Melbourne and is exploring new professional opportunities away from his legal career. One of those is doing more coaching with Tri Nation.  And for members that have been with us for a while we know what a passionate and great coach Tim is.

Tim has been a long time member and coach and we’re extremely excited to have him back in Brisbane on a permanent basis. Along side head coach Mark, Tim we’ll be writing training programs, assisting at camps and working with Mark and Suz to build the online side of Tri Nation. Tim will be coaching the Wednesday morning run session and the new Thursday morning wind trainer run session. His first session back coaching will be Wednesday September 20th.

Mark will continue to coach the Monday morning swim and Tuesday morning wind trainer as well as the Friday morning swim.  He will also do the brick sessions on a Saturday morning and some of the specific long course weekend sessions.

Kristin will lead the run on a Friday morning and assist Tim on a Wednesday morning. Ray will continue coaching Tuesday night swim and will be doing the Thursday morning swim while Todd will be leading the trail runs on a Saturday morning.

Long time coaches Brad and Jeremy are both taking a break from coaching for a while.  Like any business we believe it is important to give staff a break to keep them fresh and enthusiastic. They’ll still be part of the coaching team and will continue attending sessions to train with the squad as athletes.

Mark works very closely with all the coaches to ensure they’re developing.  He also decides the overall direction of the program and the type of sessions that need to be delivered to members.

Ironman Triathlon School

We’ve just held our first seminar of the Ironman Triathlon School series which was Training Principles and Programming with Mark. Next up is Nutrition with Sally Gerrard from Apple to Zucchini at TQ on the 6th of September.

The two key areas that we regularly see people get wrong when they race is nutrition and pacing. Coming along to this seminar will give you the tools you need to ensure you have your fueling and recovery right for training as well as what you need to be looking at for your race day plan.

Spots are limited due to the room size at TQ so if you are keen to come along book your spot soon. We will also be streaming on Facebook Live for those that miss out or can’t make it.

These seminars are tailored towards those racing long course triathlon or planning an event in the next 12 months. You don’t need to be a Tri Nation member to attend and we welcome members of all Clubs.

Mizuno 30% off Apparel

beginner triathlon gear mizunoTake advantage of this great offer from Mizuno and get yourself kitted up for Spring in some new gear. Until the end of September Tri Nation members can receive 30% off apparel by using the code ambs_trinations_30offapp_h22017 at checkout.

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Athlete of the Month – Pat O’Brien

This month’s AOTM goes to Pat O’Brien who receives a free bike service at Avanti and a $50 voucher to spend at SFG.

Pat joined our last beginner course and since then has competed in numerous events including our recent Noosa Training Camp.

Pat has a very strong bike and run leg but has always struggled with the swim so it has been awesome to see him working hard in the pool and making solid improvements.

At our recent Noosa Camp Pat put himself far out of his comfort zone by completing the ocean swim. We are looking forward to seeing Pat progress further in the swim and consequently start kicking some very big goals.

Member To Do List

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events that Tri Nation will be at in the next three months are:

?• Sunshine Coast 70.3 – 10th September
?• Raby Bay Triathlon – 17th September
• Noosa Triathlon – 5th November