Why Do We Love What We Do?

It’s our vision that we strive for: To create a community that inspires and motivates you. What you once thought was impossible becomes achievable.

Tim Franklin

Tim Franklin

Head Coach

Tim has been involved in triathlon and multisport events since 2004 and has been competing ever since. But Tim’s passion is in assisting others to achieve their goals through coaching and mentoring.

Tim lives by the ethos that “Triathlon is a Team Sport” and this is evident in the way that he brings all squad members together no matter their ability or goals – Tri Nation Triathlon Training is his family! Very rarely will you not see a smile on Tim’s face when he is coaching – whether it be running, on the bike or standing on the pool deck (unless your are swimming on someone’s feet).

Tim has been working with athletes of all abilities since 2010. Having been an age group athlete balancing the demands of a full time professional career for many years Tim knows what it is like to have to find the balance between when to work, rest and play.  He spends a considerable amount of time customising the squad and individual programs to ensure that all of his athletes achieve a healthy balance so that they have the time to perform at every session and in every race.  Working with so many parents he has developed an understanding and appreciation of what sacrifices are made to get the training and racing done.

Since starting coaching in 2010 he has worked on and developed a number of training methods and philosophies to assist countless athletes achieve their goals in their athletic endeavours

Apart from understanding the science behind endurance performance Tim’s strength lies in his ability to get the best out of his athletes by not just developing them physically but mentally.

Tim, himself was very much a beginner athlete when he began his triathlon journey and as such can relate to those dipping their feet in the water for the first time and has worked hard and consistently to achieve his athletic results.

To date Tim’s achievements include:

  • 2nd Place Overall – Ultraman Australia 2016
  • 4th Place Overall – Big Red Run 250km Ultramarathon
  • 4th Place 30-39 (14th Overall) – Grand 2 Grand 273km Ultramarathon
  • 7 x Ironman Finisher (9:50PB)
  • 11 x Marathon Finisher (3:08PB)
  • Legend Status – Noosa Triathlon

Lover of all human beings!

Ray Pogi

Ray Pogi

Assistant Coach and Lead Beginners Coach

Ray loves to welcome new members to the Tri Nation team and help them get started in triathlon. Having decided to change from a fun loving touch player to a swimming, cycling and running triathlete Ray has now done it all with Age Group World Championships and 2 Ironman events now under his belt.

He has a passion for helping all aspiring triathletes particularly those back home in Samoa. A couple of times per year you will find Ray collecting used shoes, goggles, tri suits, cycling kit and all things triathlon to send home to the Samoan community.

You will most often see Ray on pool deck where he loves to explore people’s challenges and champion them to success. He just loves to be around cool people and connect with them on an exciting journey.

Otherwise: Ray loves hanging with his young son Daniel and wife Jacqui, socialising and spending time back on the island.

Todd Gibbons

Todd Gibbons

Assistant Coach

Ask Todd anything from how to change a tyre to the best coffee shops and he’ll not only have the answer but he’ll likely go out of his way to show you. A true gentleman Todd loves to see people improve – not just by getting faster but by becoming better skilled and improving their knowledge.

Todd loves triathlons and has been competing for many years – one of the familiar faces around the local races. He has raced at several Age Group World Champs including in the off road triathlon.

Otherwise: Todd loves and chat and is a regular at post training coffee.