Take Your Training to the Next Level

Triathlon programs that maximise your training time.
Results whilst maintaining your lifestyle.

balanceOur personalised triathlon programs are for athletes wanting to maximise their training time under the expert guidance of one of our coaches.  All triathlon distances are catered for including Sprint, Olympic and Ironman triathlons. Our coaches have helped hundreds of athletes reach their potential via this method of coaching.

These programs are specific to the individual athlete and are designed around areas such as their racing goals, family commitments, employment, training and racing history, injury history, where they live and age. Each athlete has different training requirements, different training availability and therefore our personalised triathlon programs cater for that.

Our triathlon training philosophy is that no one athlete is the same but our principles of ensuring athletes train at the correct intensity, achievable consistent volume and that they recover sufficiently means we can formulate a training plan specific to the athlete.

We offer two options for programs:

Option 1 – Program Only

This option is great for those that have a weekly routine and don’t need to be flexible around work or family. This option is for a program only delivered up front for a minimum of 12 weeks. The downside to this option is there is no flexibility and if you need changes made to the program at a later date this will be an additional cost. The upside is you still get a program that is entirely developed for you that will give you a great platform to set you up for your next event.

  • $200 for 12 weeks + $50 for each additional 4 week block.
  • Includes initial phone call with coach  – one on one meeting to set up program can be arranged for $50.

Option 2 – Individual Coaching

The individual coaching option includes a weekly program delivered through Training Peaks. This option is a dynamic coaching relationship and is based on regular feedback to ensure your training and program is optimised within your lifestyle. This is perfect for those that want to get the most out of their training and leave the details to an expert.

Costs for program are:

  • $88 per week including training sessions and pool entry;
  • $POA per week for online only coaching.